Matt Long's Net Worth
Matt Long's Net Worth

Matt Long’s Net Worth: A Hollywood Star Surprising Success Story

Matt Long has a long history in the entertainment industry. In 2004, the actor gained his name by appearing in the popular sitcom Jack & Bobby. In 2007, Long quickly transitioned from television to film, working with Amanda Bynes in Sydney White and Ghost Rider.

Matt returned to acting as Ezekiel Landon in the popular NBC series Manifest, even though it appeared the actor had vanished from the public eye.

The series has generated a lot of discussions, mainly since it ended after the third season. Netflix took on the show and announced that it would return for a fourth season following a lot of fan outcry.

Matt Long’s Net Worth

When Matt Long was offered a role on the TV show Jack & Bobby in 2004, it was his big break. This was the actor’s first significant on-screen part, propelling him to the big screen.

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Later, Long—who portrayed Jack McAllister—got parts with Amanda Bynes in Sydney White, Nicolas Cage, and Eva Mendes in Ghost Rider.

It is evident that Matt had what it required to succeed as a huge on-screen heartthrob, but it doesn’t seem things went as well for the actor as they may have.

Matt Long's Net Worth

Although he appeared in various programs, such as Mad Men and The Deep End, it is obvious that his time on his most recent show, Manifest, was his most memorable performance.

Alongside Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh, Matt portrays Zeke Landon. The series was an immediate hit, but chaos ensued when rumors of its cancellation spread!

It’s not surprising that Matt has accumulated a net worth of $2 million given the show’s popularity and the audience’s love for the actor. That’s quite the accomplishment, but the main query on everyone’s mind is: Will Matt be back for season 4 of Manifest?

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