Martin Truex Jr Girlfriend
Martin Truex Jr Girlfriend

Who is the Nascar Racer Martin Truex Jr Girlfriend?

NASCAR racer Martin Truex Jr. hails from the United States. Martin Lee Truex Jr. was born in Mayetta, New Jersey on June 29, 1980. He raced the no. 56 Toyota Camry in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for Michael Waltrip Racing for many seasons. He currently competes for Joe Gibbs Racing in the Toyota Camry sponsored by Bass Pro Shops (#19).

The young Martin Truex Jr. got his start in the seafood industry with his father’s company, SeaWatch International, where he worked on a clam boat.  Who does Martin Truex Jr. d@te? That’s probably what a lot of NASCAR fans are thinking. Martin Truex Jr. is a famous NASCAR driver who is known for how well he does on the track. But when he’s not at the track, he spends time with his girlfriend.

As of my last update, which was in September 2021, no one knew who his present girlfriend was. But keep in mind that relationships can change and that you may have learned new things since then. If you want to know what’s going on with Martin Truex Jr.’s love life, it’s best to check current news or official sources.

Who is Martin Truex Jr Girlfriend?

In January of 2023, NASCAR racer Martin Truex Jr. and his girlfriend of nearly 20 years, Sherry Pollex, ended their relationship. Martin Truex Jr. is not dating anyone at the moment. The identity of his new girlfriend remains unknown.

Sherry Pollex was Martin Truex Jr.’s girlfriend for nearly 20 years. Besides being Martin’s ex, she is well-known in the advocacy community. After being diagnosed with Stage III ovarian c@ncer in 2014, she began working as an advocate for other women and children with the disease.

As can be seen in the Facebook post below, Sherry and Martin have broken up:

Who is Sherry Pollex?

Entrepreneur and activist Sherry Pollex is known for her work to bring attention to ovarian and childhood cancers. A total hysterectomy, debulking surgery, and 17 months of chemotherapy were required after Pollex was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014.

Inspired by her own ordeal, she founded to raise awareness about ovarian cancer among women and to advocate for holistic and integrative treatments to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

Martin Truex Jr Girlfriend

She and her long-term partner, NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr., have worked together to raise money and awareness for pediatric and adolescent c@ncer through Martin Truex Jr.’s foundation. In 2017, they received the Myers Brothers Award, a renowned recognition of their philanthropic efforts.

Despite Martin Truex Jr.’s recent announcement that he and Pollex will be breaking up in January 2023, he says he will always be there for her.

How Did Sherry Pollex Meet Martin Truex Jr.?

Sherry Pollex and Martin Truex Jr. had a meeting in 2005, but the particulars of that meeting have not been made public and are now unknown. In spite of this, they have remained a relationship ever since, and they have received attention for their active role in raising awareness for ovarian c@ncer as well as pediatric c@ncer.

The Catwalk for a Cause is a prominent event that they arrange. It is a charitable gathering with the goal of raising money for research on childhood c@ncer.

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What Happened Between Martin and Sherry?

Sherry and her long-term partner were a familiar sight at NASCAR events for numerous years before announcing their split.

“To my fans and partners… Sherry and I have made the decision to end our relationship,” Martin announced in a social media story in January 2023, according to Racing News. “I will continue supporting Sherry moving forward. I would ask that you respect our privacy as there will be no further comment about this matter.”

You can get the entire details of what Martin had to say regarding the end of his relationship down below:

Despite acknowledging the breakup, neither has offered an explanation. The couple was together for 18 years but did not start a family.

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