Martha Stewart Age
Martha Stewart Age

Martha Stewart Age: Stewart, 81, Sets Records as Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Cover Star!

That would be Martha Stewart, a lifestyle expert who is now motivated to prove that becoming a bikini model is never too late. The 81-year-old businessman is the face of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue.

Stewart states in the accompanying film, “I don’t think about age very much but I thought that this is kind of historic…I want other women to feel that they could also be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.”

In a tweet Monday morning, the magazine confirmed Stewart’s cover appearance and noted that she “is continuing to make her mark.” According to a Sports Illustrated (SI) spokesman, Stewart is the magazine’s oldest swimsuit cover model.

At a time when ageism in society and the workplace is a hot topic, Stewart’s cover appearance is timely. President Joe Biden, who is currently 80, the subject has been a particular focus of the 2018 presidential race.

68% of Americans believed Biden was too old to serve another term. In parallel, elder women are becoming more accepted in Hollywood, at least based on the Oscars for this year.

Martha Stewart Age

For her part in “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” 60-year-old Michelle Yeoh won the prize for best actress, and 64-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis won the award for best supporting actress.

Martha Stewart is not exactly new to posing for photographs. She began her professional career as a model when she was young but later changed her job to stockbroker. Of course, she had the most success in the lifestyle industry, with her books, television programs, and magazine. Her projected $400 million net worth.

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The Swimsuit Issue of this year features four cover models, including Stewart. The other three are Brooks Nader, a five-time SI swimsuit model, singer-songwriter Kim Petras, and actress Megan Fox.

Stewart claims in the SI video that being a swimsuit model is complex. “Getting dressed in 10 different bathing-suit outfits can be a little exhausting,” she notes. “I’d rather just put on one thing in the morning and wear it all day long and even out to dinner.”

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