Man Accused of Shooting North Carolina Girl and Her Parents
Man Accused of Shooting North Carolina Girl and Her Parents

Man Accused of Shooting North Carolina Girl and Her Parents!

According to authorities, a North Carolina man was detained in Florida on Thursday afternoon on suspicion of shooting and injuring a 6-year-old girl and her parents after they went to recover a basketball that had rolled into his yard.

The shooting was the most recent in a succession of recent shootings that were apparently unimportant events. According to online jail records, Hillsborough County deputies detained Robert Louis Singletary, 24, in Tampa.

On the basis of a fugitive warrant, he was being held without bond. On Friday, he is expected to appear in court.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Gaston County Police Chief Stephen Zill revealed that his agency and the Regional Fugitive Task Force of the U.S. Marshals Service had been conducting an extensive search for Singletary, who escaped after the shootings on Tuesday night near Gastonia, a city with a population of about 80,000 people west of Charlotte.

Singletary is accused of using a hammer to strike a lady in a December attack while on the loose on bail, according to the police.

In connection with the shootings on Tuesday, he was wanted on four counts of attempted first-degree m*rder, two counts of assault with a de@dly weapon with the intent to kill or seriously injure someone, and one count of felon in possession of a handgun.

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Zill refused to disclose the motive for the attack, saying that it was still under investigation. Jonathan Robertson, a neighbor, however, said that the attack took place after some nearby kids went to recover a basketball that had rolled into Singletary’s yard.

Man Accused of Shooting North Carolina Girl and Her Parents

He claimed Singletary had yelled at the kids numerous times since relocating to the area, went inside his house, came out with a gun, and started shooting as parents desperately tried to scurry their children to safety.

“As soon as I saw him coming out shooting, I was hollering at everybody to get down and get inside,” Robertson said.

Kinsley White, 6, injured by a bullet in the left cheek, was treated at a hospital and later released, according to Kinsley and her family. Jamie White, her father, was shot in the back after rushing to her rescue.

According to Kinsley’s grandfather and neighbor, Carl Hilderbrand, he suffered severe injuries and remained in the hospital on Thursday. He also had liver damage. Ashley Hilderbrand, the girl’s mother, suffered a scrape to the elbow. Singletary allegedly attempted to shoot another man but missed.

“It was very scary,” Ashley Hilderbrand said Wednesday. “My daughter actually got to come home last night. She just had a bullet fragment in her cheek.” It is the most recent in a string of recent shootings in the United States for ostensibly unimportant reasons.

Examples include the wounding of a Black teenage honors student in Missouri who went to the wrong address to pick up his younger brothers, the killing of a woman in a car that pulled into the wrong upstate New York driveway, and the wounding of two Texas cheerleaders after one of them reportedly made the mistake of getting into a car she thought was her own.

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