Mackenzie Shirilla Boyfriend
Mackenzie Shirilla Boyfriend

Mackenzie Shirilla 15-Year Term for Deliberate Car Crash That Shattered Lives!

An Ohio adolescent who k!lled her boyfriend by deliberately crαshing her car received a 15-year prison term on Monday. Mackenzie Shirilla, 19, was found guilty this week of 12 counts, including m*rder, in the m*rders of her lover Dominic Russo, 20, and car passenger Davion Flanagan, 19, in 2022.

Trial judge Nancy Margaret Russo called Mackenzie Shirilla “hell on wheels” during the trial. though she will be given credit for time spent in prison, she won’t be able to apply for parole for another 15 years. The site also stated that her driver’s license had been permanently suspended. See the related news about her boyfriend.

Mackenzie Shirilla Boyfriend

Shirilla, who was in shackles and sobbing, said, “To the families of Dom and Davion, I am so deeply sorry,” at the sentencing hearing on Monday. “I hope one day you can see how I’d never let this happen or do it on purpose. I wish I could remember what happened. I’m just so sorry. I’m heartbroken.”

Christine Russo, Dominic’s mother, responded at the court, saying, “Mackenzie, going to prison because you did this, be thankful you’re still alive and have a future, whatever that may be,”  balleralert shared a post on Instagram to the related statement.


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Strongsville Police testified during Shirilla’s trial that she was operating a 2018 Toyota Camry carrying Russo and Flanagan when she struck the side of a brick structure at 100 mph in the early morning hours of July 31, 2022.

Shirilla also allegedly had traces of THC in her system that surpassed the legal limit for Ohio, the trial court heard, and the three had allegedly been using marijuana at a friend’s house earlier in the day.

the prosecution submitted surveillance in court and said that Shirilla intended to break her unhealthy connection with Russo. The surveillance showed Shirilla driving regularly before accelerating and hitting a brick structure at 100 mph, locking her and her passengers inside the car.

Mackenzie Shirilla Boyfriend

Russo and Flanagan were pronounced deαd at the scene, but Shirilla was discovered unresponsive and not breathing.

Shirilla claimed that despite this, Russo “had such a perfect life” ahead of him and was “the last person to deserve this” on his obituary page in August. The teen expressed her sadness and longing by posting images of herself.

“I miss your laugh and your perfect smile,” she wrote. Every day, I sense your energy around me; I just wish it were tangible. Later, GoFundMe pages were created in Flanagan and Russo’s honor following their deαths. Shirilla’s mother announced that her daughter would challenge the judgment.

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