Lewis Cine
Lewis Cine

After Four Weeks Lewis Cine Is Able To Walk Without Crutches

Lewis Cine a rookie safety for the Minnesota Vikings suffered a serious fracture of his left leg during the team’s victory over the New Orleans Saints in London just four weeks ago. The game took place in London. On Sunday, we had the opportunity to evaluate Cine’s development since that time and the results were quite impressive.

Cine, along with Mario and Luigi (it is Halloween, after all) can be seen walking around U.S. Bank Stadium unassisted and without a discernible limp.

That’s fairly incredible taking into account the severity of Cine’s wounds if you think about it. Cine suffered a broken tibia as well as a broken fibia while he was blocking on a punt return, as reported by Pro Football Talk. In addition to it, his ankle was dislocated. Before returning to the United States, he underwent two separate medical procedures, which required him to remain in London for a few extra days.

At this moment, we do not know when, or even if, Lewis Cine will be coming back, but it would appear that the progress he’s been making thus far has been very spectacular. We do not know when Lewis Cine will be coming back. We can only hope that this trend will continue for him going forward and that it will provide him with the opportunity to stage a comeback as soon as possible rather than later.

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