Kat Stickler Divorce

Kat Stickler Divorce: From Tiktok Pranks To A Heartbreaking Separation!

Without question, COVID-19 was the worst. But it also brought some unexpected benefits. One such ‘bonus’ was Mike and Kat Stickler, a humorous and adorable TikTok influencer pair who kept us seriously entertained throughout that dreadful time, making the lockdown a little more tolerable.

However, less than two years after their wedding, the young couple announced their divorce. When the couple announced their breakup, people were taken aback. Unlike many TikTokers, Kat and Mike looked to be enjoying their popularity. They made fantastic content while having a great time doing it.

They were content, well-known, and looked excellent together. So, what caused Kat and Mike to split up? Discover the reason for their divorce.

Kat Stickler Divorce

Kat Stickler and Mike’s TikTok account was a joint account where the married pair shared stuff on a regular basis. However, by March 2021, the posts were less regular, and we’d mostly see Kat and baby MK on the recordings, with Mike mostly absent.

The films slowed to a trickle and then ceased entirely for a few weeks. The celebrity couple then announced their divorce in a video posted on March 17, 2021. A tearful Kat explained that the rumors of their split were accurate and that she and Mike had agreed to part ways amicably.

 Fans assumed the divorce news was a joke because the famous pair were known for their pranks. Mike hadn’t deleted Kat from his Instagram, and he still referred to her as the ‘love of my life’ and ‘wifey’ in his bio.

So the statement initially appeared to be a joke until the shared TikTok account was changed to Kat Stickler’s name.

What Happened Between Kat And Mike?

To say Kat and Michael Stickler abandoned their fans would be an understatement. They released very little specifics about the reason for their breakup, which is unusual for a viral social media pair with a very public life.

They simply stated in their March 17, 2021 video that they were splitting since things didn’t work out, but that they are devoted to raising their child as best they can.

However, facts of their divorce have emerged a year after their dramatic divorce announcement. Kat debuted her YouTube video in January 2022 and offered a Q&A session to answer fan queries. The elephant in the room, of course, was what caused Kat and Mike Stickler’s divorce.

At first, it appeared that Kat might share little-known information about what transpired between them, but she instead stated that she signed an NDA with Mike not to discuss why they split up.

Given the couple’s large social media profile, the NDA, as she phrased it, was to safeguard their precious baby daughter and her privacy.

Following the divorce, Kat Stickler’s ex-husband kept his admirers updated via his Instagram account. The handsome content producer revealed in the video that they married young, had a baby, and quickly realized they were not a good fit; the relationship became toxic.

Did Mike Cheat On Kat?

Throughout this hazy veneer, Mike and Kat swore they had separated on good terms and would proceed with ‘love and respect’ for one another.

Mike insisted in the divorce announcement video that none of this was Kat’s fault and that he needed to work on himself. Fans were left wondering if Mike had cheated on his wife due to his insistence that Kat should not be blamed for the divorce.

For the time being, if Mike cheated on Kat from TikTok is only a rumor. None of them have spoken out about it, and from the looks of things (based on the NDA), fans may never know what caused the loving couple’s breakup.

Kat Stickler Divorce

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Kat And Mike Stickler Discuss Co-parenting

MK, the couple’s kid, is frequently featured in their TikTok videos. Following their divorce, they had to co-parent their newborn girl, which they both admit is difficult. In response to a fan’s question about her co-parenting experience, Kat admitted that she still suffers breakdowns when her baby is taken away from her.

She also admitted that it was difficult at first not to romanticize anything about her ex-husband, despite the fact that they had both moved on. She vowed to chat more about co-parenting once she got the hang of it.

The struggle is the same for Mike. He informed his Instagram followers that it was all about practice and making the whole thing about their daughter.

Meanwhile, the celebrity pair has moved on and is happily married. Michael has a number of Instagram posts with his new girlfriend Tia Alannah Borso, while Kat has been dating hunk Cam Winter for a long now, however, there have been rumours of their breakup.

Unfortunately, the viral pair broke up. But, as Kat put it, it wasn’t the right environment for either of them, and she would do what she did (file for divorce) again in a heartbeat. We can only wish them both the best as they move forward in their lives.

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