Junior Military Officers Struggle To Feed Families Especially Due To The Ongoing Pandemic

Junior Military Officers Struggle To Feed Families Especially Due To The Ongoing Pandemic

American Military has been in the midst of food insecurity for years now, despite being one of the most lavishly funded institutions it fails to look after the people who serve as its important cogs and wheels.

Feeding America is an organization that works in maintaining a supply chain across 200 food banks in the States and gives us an insight into the chronic problem of those with limited means including the military personnel in respect of food insecurity.

Calling it a cause of embarrassment Vince Hall, Feeding America’s government relations officer, said, “It’s a shocking truth that’s known to many food banks across the United States,” Although no official date has been conducted into the same it is especially prevalent among E1 to E4 ranks, the new entrants. It is estimated that nearly 1in 3 officers of these ranks struggles with ensuring proper meals for their folks back home.

One of the 34-year-old Naval Officers, James Bohannon who was spotted near a drive-thru for food distribution organized by the local Armed Services’ YMCA branch, said that “It is what it is,”. He has 2 daughters back at home for whom he relies on such assistance. He further added that this is a known fact to people joining beforehand.

This however only depicts a grim outlook faced by juniors in addition to their modest pay. They agree to a tough life, frequent transfers, time away from family, and yet struggle at times to make ends meet. A patriot who agrees to toil in the harshest of the conditions certainly deserves food clothing and respect, it shouldn’t be a matter of choice.

One of the biggest hurdles in this respect is being caused by the 2008 Food and Nutrition Act. The clause dictates that the allowance which barely helps certain families living outside the Base ground receive a minimal amount, only good enough for basic expenses count as income in calculating eligibility to receive SNAP benefits, and that ends up disqualifying thousands of military families.

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“We’re doing a disservice to future recruitment efforts,” Josh Protas said. He is the vice president of public policy for MAZON, an organization that has done extensive research on military hunger. “We could be losing good people because they can’t support their families” he added.

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