AOC And Other Top Democrats Scold Biden For Not Keeping His Promises On Climate Change
AOC And Other Top Democrats Scold Biden For Not Keeping His Promises On Climate Change

Joe Biden Needs To Fix The Problems He Caused At This Year’s State Of The Union

The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives is moving quickly to carry out our commitment to America and give President Joe Biden a much-needed check. During the last two years, when the Democrats were the only party in power, grocery and gas prices went up, crime went up, and there was a crisis at the southern border.

In the State of the Union, Joe Biden will have to explain how his failed policies have led to the current state of crisis. This is why I’m proud to have Fort Plain, New York’s Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith as my honored guest at this year’s State of the Union address. Every day, Sheriff Murphy and our law enforcement officers in upstate are on the front lines of the fight against crime, fentanyl, and chaos in our communities.

Joe Biden Needs To Fix The Problems He Caused At This Year's State Of The Union
Joe Biden Needs To Fix The Problems He Caused At This Year’s State Of The Union

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This is because Democrats like Joe Biden and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul continue to support dangerous policies that encourage crime in our communities. Due to Joe Biden’s open-border policies, our historic border crisis has gotten out of hand, and more than 1.2 million illegal immigrants have gotten past our southern border without being caught. Every state in the U.S. now has a border with another state.

Instead of securing the border, the Biden administration is sending illegal immigrants to other parts of the country and putting a lot of pressure on New York. Families in upstate New York who work hard shouldn’t have to pay for Biden’s far-left policies on open borders.

House Republicans, now in the majority, are working to strengthen security along our southern border, crack down on illegal immigration, and hold Vice President Joe Biden and his administration accountable for the failed open-border policies they have pursued.

Make no mistake about it, the historic crisis at the border caused by Biden has generated a historic disaster in terms of public health for every community in the United States. In 2022, officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confiscated enough illegal fentanyl to kill every single American.

The majority of this fentanyl was brought into the country illegally through our southern border. Now, drug overdoses related to the illegal use of fentanyl are the main cause of mortality for people in the age range of 18 to 49 in the United States.

Our courageous law enforcement officers, who respond to emergencies no matter the time of day or night, are taking the brunt of the burden caused by this fentanyl catastrophe. The “defund the police” campaign has been appeased by the one-party Democrat control in Washington and Albany.

As a result, rather than providing the necessary assistance to the police force, this movement has been successful in getting funding cut. Since the year 2020, there was a 28% increase in the number of police officer fatalities caused by shooting in the year 2022, which marked the end of the decade.

The failed attempt at reforming the bail system in my home state of New York has contributed to a spike in general crime of more than twenty percent since the year 2020. These crimes include robbery, rape, and murder.

Not only in our major metropolitan areas, but also in our smaller, more rural places, we are seeing the negative effects of releasing formerly incarcerated criminals back into the general public. Glens Falls, New York, sometimes known as “Hometown U.S.A.,” was the location of a bank heist that occurred in my own district the previous year. This is beyond comprehension.

The devotion of the House Republicans to making the United States a safer place to live is at the forefront of that party’s overall dedication to the country. This involves providing our law enforcement with the resources they need to fight crime and keep the public safe.

Elise Stefanik holds Hochul responsible for the recent increase in crime, stating, “She’s about to lose.” The Stop Enabling Repeat Violence and Endangering (SERVE) Our Communities Act, more commonly referred to as the SERVE Our Communities Act, was introduced with my leadership.

My legislation will incentivize the implementation of policies that correct their massive oversight and hold repeat offenders accountable in response to calls from the far left to “defund the police” and dangerous bail reform that puts violent criminals back on the street. Both of these policies put violent criminals back on the street.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives will continue their fight against far-left policies, which have put the protection of criminals ahead of the safety of law-abiding residents, as well as their support for our law enforcement and opposition to any efforts to defund the police.

On Tuesday, my guest for the State of the Union will be Sheriff Smith, and he will get the opportunity to hear from Vice President Joe Biden in person. He has devoted the last 34 years of his career to defending our neighborhoods and battling the problems that have arisen as a direct result of Joe Biden’s ineffective policymaking.

He and the countless other personnel of law enforcement who are dedicated to keeping the public safe deserve a government that is equally committed to supporting that effort. With their newly gained majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans have vowed to strive toward the fulfillment of their “commitment to America” and the delivery of a secure nation.

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