Jimmy Mcclain Murder
Jimmy Mcclain Murder

Jimmy Mcclain Murder: Arrest Made in the Murder of Jimmy McClain, Suspect Only 19-Years-Old!

The true-crime instances that occurred in seemingly small-town areas and startled the entire country are detailed in ID’s “Nightmare Next Door.”

Nearly everything is stitched together to reveal the glaring reality of each situation, including interviews with investigators, prosecutors, friends, and family and dramatic recreations.

Hence, Jimmy McClain’s 2013 murder is covered in great detail in season 10, episode 9, appropriately titled “Just the Good.” So, if you want to know more about the incident and the offender’s present whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

What Caused Jimmy McClain’s Death?

Jimmy Fitzgerald McClain, an Arkansas native in Cordova, Tennessee, was 49 years old when everything changed. He had made a solid life as a brother, athlete, minister, teacher, and coach.

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He had after all played professional basketball for 7 12 years and obtained an MBA in Management before settling down in a lovely, gated neighborhood in Cordova in 1997.

At Ridgeway High School in Memphis, he advanced to become a youth pastor, a business teacher, and a basketball coach, only to pass away nearly 16 years later.

Jimmy Mcclain Murder

On February 22, 2013, Jimmy’s alarmed coworkers called the police after he unexpectedly skipped work for the second day in a row without warning. They requested a welfare check when it was established that his car was parked in the garage and his doors were shut.

As they peered through the windows, they saw shot shells lying around. As a result, they discovered him dead in a pool of dried blood on the floor when they got into his house. Two days before, Jimmy had been shot many times with a. 40-caliber gun in the chest and back of the skull.

Who Killed Jimmy McClain?

Jimmy’s possessions were all in their proper places, and there were no indications of a forced entrance, so the police surmised that his attacker had to be someone he knew.
Apart from the fact that it is abhorrent to assume a personal act was committed, there was also a rolled towel close to the front door, which is close to the muddy tracks left by size 10 or 11 athletic shoes.
The police questioned his siblings, estranged wife, stepchildren, and girlfriend, all of whom were complimentary of the late athlete and his parents and stepfather.
The authorities quickly exonerated Jimmy’s girlfriend. However, they looked into his estranged wife more closely after admitting that she stood to inherit the house and a $400,000 payoff from his life insurance policy.
Although in the middle of their divorce, the latter insisted she and her spouse were still on good terms and even readily turned over her devices to be searched.
She shared her phone with her 19-year-old son Dwayne Moore, and the police discovered multiple deleted text conversations that pointed to the adolescent as a potential offender.
Later, it was revealed that Dwayne and Jimmy didn’t always agree, and their relationship had been tense since the coach broke up with his mother.
Because of this, the authorities focused their attention on him and were able to retrieve both the murder weapon (which he had sold to a friend) and a photograph of him with an AR-15 assault rifle, which he was accused of stealing.
As if that weren’t enough, Dwayne’s ex-girlfriend also disclosed that his shoe size is 10.5 and that, on the night of the murder on February 20, 2013, he wasn’t in the best frame of mind, leading to his arrest on March 25.

In 2014, the prosecution claimed that Dwayne Moore killed his stepfather by ambushing him inside of his house using his key in exchange for the insurance money his family would receive.

They asserted that he wanted the money and to get rid of Jimmy, and the jury ultimately agreed with them on June 17, 2014, when they found him guilty of second-degree murder.

Dwayne attempted to appeal his sentence, which was to serve 22 years in prison without the possibility of parole, but to no effect.

Dwayne Moore died while serving time in a state facility, according to records kept by the Tennessee Department of Corrections, sometime after the beginning of April 2020. His death’s cause and other information have not been made public.

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