Jho Rovero Illness

Jho Rovero Illness: A Filipino Celebrity Heartfelt Tribute To Her Late Wife!

Jho Rovero was known as the wife of star Andrew Schimmer. She was an actress and a model. She’d been dealing with hypoxia for almost a year. Since November 2021, Jho Rovero has been getting care at Luke’s Medical Center. He has been hoping for his wife’s health to get better because the illness is very bad.

Andrew is a well-known Filipino actor who is best known for his roles in Beautiful Justice, Descendants of the Sun, and Kapag Nahit Ang Puso. Through his work, he has been able to keep a lot of fans.

Schimmer’s wife is fighting the sickness right now and is in the hospital. She is now in the hospital and getting medical care.

Jho Rovero Illness

Rovero is currently fighting the disease, cardiac arrest, and asthma att@ck, and the illness is making her health condition worsen. On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, Andrew Schimmer’s wife, Jho Rovero, passed away. At the time of her death, she was 34 years old. As the news spread, people took to social media to tell the family how sorry they were.

Fans knew about Jho Rovero’s health problems because her husband, Andrew Schimmer, posted about them on social media. After being in a coma for a year, she died from problems caused by her lousy asthma and cardiac arrest. Rovero also had hypoxemia, which is when the amount of oxygen in the arteries drops below average and makes it hard to breathe.

Andrew Schimmer used Facebook to tell his friends that his wife had died. He showed a picture of himself and his wife holding hands. The couple looked like they were wearing their wedding bands. He wrote in the caption: “The Love of my Life… my wife.. my best friend.. my partner in everything. Remember your promise, together forever”

On October 10, in a video, Andrew was finally able to say, “Today is the day, mga kapatid. Makakalabas na ng ospital ang aking asawa.”

“Excited kaming makita yung facial reaction niya pag sinakay na namin siya sa ambulance at habang bumabiyahe. Kasi first time niya ulit after almost a year, first time niyang masisilayan ang labas ng ospital.” “Guys, maraming maraming salamat. From day 1 up to this point, di niyo kami iniwan,” a grateful Andrew said.

Back At Home

The family recorded Jho’s move from the intensive care unit (ICU) to the ambulance in a video that was posted on The Schimmers’ YouTube feed early this morning.

Jho Rovero Illness

The video was raw and unedited. Andrew thanked the hospital staff and was also sad to see one of their longest-staying patients go home.

Did The Couple Have Children?

Schimmer and his wife have two kids. Their names are Andrea and Neymar. It is said that they got married on December 10. Schimmer shared a picture of two wedding rings online with a note about their wedding: “We will not wait anymore for the right moment to come… by GOD’s grace it will HAPPEN.”

The next day, he shared a video in which he said they had a religious wedding and were going back to the hospital to finish his wife’s treatment.

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Who Is Andrew Schimmer?

Andrew Schimmer is a well-known Filipino actor, wrestler, and social media star. Andrew is a famous actor who has appeared in many movies and TV shows. He became well-known after he was in the 2004 movie “Gagamboy.”

Andrew was born John Andrew Schimmer, but people also call him Romanza Braganza. His race is Asian, and his country is the Philippines. This post will tell you more about what happened to Andrew’s wife not too long ago.

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