Is Johnnie Guilbert Gay? A Look at the YouTube Star’s Life and Career

Is Johnnie Guilbert a homos*xual? Johnnie Guilbert, an American YouTuber, singer, vlogger, and actor, has made his imprint on the digital environment.

Johnnie has charmed people with his videos and challenges on his self-titled YouTube channel and as a member of the famed collab channel “My Digital Escape,” earning a committed following.

His path began at the age of 16 when he joined up with Bryan Stars, first as Bryan’s merchandise manager, and their collaborative efforts resulted in some incredible stuff.

Johnnie is currently linked with “Our World Away,” a channel that is currently on hiatus. Throughout this, there have been persistent allegations on the internet about his s*xual orientation, namely whether he is gay.

In this essay, we hope to shed light on Johnnie Guilbert’s s*xual orientation by uncovering the truth about it.

Is Johnnie Guilbert Gay?

No, Johnnie Guilbert is not homos*xual. Despite reports to the contrary, there is no factual basis for these assertions. The misconception may stem from Johnnie’s uncommon appearance and the scant information available about his personal life.

He has shown his support for the LGBTQ+ community, specifically speaking out against misconceptions and biases directed at transgender people.


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During Pride Month, he underlined the significance of tolerance and acceptance in an Instagram post, urging people to focus on stopping unacceptable behavior rather than discriminating against any single group.

In a YouTube video titled “Reading your offensive assumptions about me,” Johnnie Guilbert reiterated that he is not gay. He talked about it to clear up any misconceptions or rumors regarding his s*xuality.

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Who Is Johnnie Guilbert Currently Dating?

Johnnie Guilbert appears to be unmarried for the time being. A quick look at his Instagram shows no visible signs of him dating anyone.

It’s worth noting, however, that he previously had a long-term relationship with fellow YouTuber Alex Dorame.

The two were open about their romance and even addressed it in a YouTube video back in 2019 titled “Am I Still with My Girlfriend Alex Dorame QandA?” in which Johnnie acknowledged that they were still together at the time.

However, the pair appears to have split up in recent years. Several websites and news outlets have stated that they have split up.

However, the precise reasons for their split are unknown, leaving fans with unanswered questions regarding the end of their romance.

Johnnie Guilbert Age

Johnnie Guilbert was born in San Jose, California, on August 28, 1997. As of 2023, he is 26 years old. In 2013, he went to Nebraska with his friend BryanStars, and then in 2014, he traveled to Australia with the rest of My Digital Escape. He is currently residing in Canberra, Australia.

Johnnie Guilbert Net Worth

Johnnie Guilbert has a net worth of $1 million as of 2023. He made his fortune through his YouTube career, as well as music, merchandise, and sponsorships. His main channel has over 1.1 million followers, and his second channel, Johnnie Guilbert Vlogs, has over 300,000 subscribers.

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