Is Gareth Gates Gay
Is Gareth Gates Gay

Is Gareth Gates Gay? The Truth About the Pop Idol Star S*xuality

Is Gareth Gates homos*xual? Gareth Gates, the gifted English singer-songwriter and actor, originally stole our hearts in 2002 as the runner-up in the first series of ITV’s Pop Idol. Gates is unquestionably a household name, having sold over 3.5 million records in the United Kingdom by 2008.

Aside from his musical accomplishments, he’s been an inspiring figure for openly expressing his struggle with a speech handicap, a stutter, which has garnered him considerable acclaim.

He’s shone brightly in musical theater, playing classic roles in shows like “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Les Misérables.” Gareth Gates, on the other hand, has recently made news for a different cause, as his involvement in Celebrity SAS brought attention to his stammer.

Curiosity about his personal life, notably his s*xuality, has grown, with many people wondering if he is gay. Stay with us while we investigate Gareth Gates’s s*xual orientation.

Is Gareth Gates Gay?

No, Gareth Gates is not homos*xual, to put it briefly. There is no evidence or affirmation that he is homos*xual, and he has never discussed his s*xual orientation in public. The rumors that he is homos*xual appear to be based on mere conjecture and rumor, which he has disregarded.

Gareth Gates is heteros*xual and has dated only women in the past. From 2008 to 2012, he was married to Suzanne Mole, a performer and choreographer. They have a daughter named Missy, who was born in 2009. After their divorce, he dated Faye Brookes, an actress on Coronation Street, for seven years until their breakup in 2019.

Is Gareth Gates Gay?
Is Gareth Gates Gay?

The relationship between him and DJ Chloe McLennan ended earlier this year. Gareth Gates is currently courting Grease cast member Allana Taylor, a West End actress. In October 2023, he made their relationship official by publishing a selfie with the caption “A heart full of love” on Instagram.

Allana’s response of “I love you” and a heart emoji demonstrated their mutual affection. Their fans and acquaintances wished them happiness and extended their congratulations.

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Why Do People Think Gareth Gates Is Gay?

There are various reasons why some people may believe Gareth Gates is gay when he is not. His appearance and manner, which some may find feminine or showy, is one of them.

He frequently wears earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, and he has tried on various hairstyles and hues. He also has a trim and fit figure that he flaunts on social media.

Another explanation is his participation in musical theater, which is often associated with gay males. He’s played various parts that required him to sing, dance, and wear outfits that some may consider gay.

He wore a rainbow-colored coat and a loincloth as Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, for example. He also wore a pink suit and tie as Warner in Legally Blonde.

A third reason is his friendship with other openly gay or bis*xual celebrities. He has worked and socialized with celebrities such as Will Young, Rylan Clark-Neal, Duncan James, Brian McFadden, and Keith Lemon. Some may conclude that he is gay by association or that he has a secret crush on them.

However, none of these reasons are sufficient to prove that Gareth Gates is gay. They are founded on stereotypes, assumptions, and fantasies that have nothing to do with his true s*xual orientation. Gareth Gates is straight and in love with Allana Taylor.

Who Is Gareth Gates Currently Dating?

Allana Taylor is currently dating Gareth Gates. The 39-year-old singer, who recently ended his relationship with DJ Chloe McLennan, has discovered new love with West End actress Allana Taylor.

Allana is presently a member of the cast of Grease, and Gareth made their Instagram relationship official. In a post, he accompanied a beaming selfie with the caption, ‘A heart full of affection.’ Allana replied with “I love you” and a red heart emoji to express her approval.

Fans and friends reacted positively to their engagement announcement, with one admirer describing them as “the most ideal couple.” Another admirer recalled their intimacy during the Hull pantomime.

Overall, it is evident that Gareth Gates and Allana Taylor are head over heels for one another, and they are not afraid to demonstrate it.

Exploring Gareth Gates’ Past Relationships

Gareth Gates’ amorous journey has taken many unexpected detours. He and his wife, Suzanne Mole lived in Chiswick, West London, until their divorce in 2012.

Suzanne was a dancer at the Record of the Year Awards in 2002, where Gareth won for his rendition of “Unchained Melody.” According to an article in The People newspaper in October 2006, they secretly married.

Gareth and Suzanne, on the other hand, got engaged on New Year’s Eve in 2007 and married on July 18, 2008, in an intimate ceremony attended by close family and friends.

Missy, the couple’s first child, was born on April 6, 2009. Gareth Gates found love again after his divorce from Suzanne, with Coronation Street star Faye Brookes, with whom he appeared in Legally Blonde: The Musical.

Their engagement was announced in August 2020, but the couple split up. Following this, Gareth began dating DJ Chloe McLennan, which ended soon before Christmas in 2022.

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