Is Faye Webster Gay?
Is Faye Webster Gay?

Is Faye Webster Gay? The Mystery of Her S*xual Orientation

Is Faye Webster gay? Faye Webster, a gifted American singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, has been mesmerizing audiences with her music for quite some time.
She has four studio albums under her belt, including “Run and Tell” (2013), “Faye Webster” (2017), “Atlanta Millionaires Club” (2019), and “I Know I’m Funny Haha” (2021).
Aside from her musical talent, Faye’s personal life has attracted the interest of many, particularly when it comes to her s*xual orientation.
Her fans and the media have speculated that she is gay. In this article, we’ll go into the specifics to discover the truth regarding Faye Webster’s s*xual orientation.

Is Faye Webster Gay?

Faye Webster is not homos*xual. Given her great popularity in the LGBTQ+ community, it’s fair that people may doubt Faye Webster’s s*xual orientation.

Her music has struck a chord with many of her LGBTQ+ fans, fueling suspicion about her own s*xual orientation. Fans mention how her songs resonate with queer emotions on online sites like Reddit, and some even hope she would identify as LGBTQ+.

Is Faye Webster Gay?
Is Faye Webster Gay?

Faye has expressed her support for the LGBTQ+ community by contributing to a benefit compilation named ‘Through the Soil II’ in June 2022, adding to the speculation. It is important to note, however, that Faye Webster has never publicly addressed her s*xual orientation.

We do know that she has previously only dated men and is currently in a relationship with her lover. This marital status suggests that her s*xual orientation is straight.

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Who Is Faye Webster Currently Dating?

Faye Webster is now dating Boothlord, who is a member of Danger Incorporated, an Atlanta-based rap group.

Their friendship dates back to their days at Awful Records, and their relationship took a huge step forward during the COVID-19 pandemic when they chose to live together.


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Faye is a sports fan, especially of the Atlanta Braves, in addition to her musical interests. Her devotion to the club is undeniable; she used to leave school early simply to attend their games, and you can often see her proudly wearing Braves team jerseys.

Faye’s crush on Ronald Acua Jr., a Braves player who is the same age as her, serves to highlight her affinity for the team. In fact, her admiration for him prompted her to compose at least one song.

Her feelings, however, took an unexpected turn when she had the opportunity to meet him, and she described the event as “anticlimactic.” Love and athletics may both take us on unexpected travels! For more updates like this, you can join us on our website, Journalist PR.

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