Is Dapper Wife Pregnant?
Is Dapper Wife Pregnant?

Is Dapper Wife Pregnant? A Look at the Comedian’s Career, Net Worth, and Relationship

Dapper Laughs, the outspoken comedian and former Celebrity Big Brother housemate, recently fueled pregnancy rumors after uploading an Instagram photo of his wife Shelley Rae with a baby bulge. The pair, who married in July 2022, already has two children: Neve, six, and Hudson, two.

We will look into Dapper Laughs’ pregnancy announcement, career achievements, net worth, and relationship status in this post. We’ll also look at some of Dapper Laughs’ struggles and controversies as a comedian and public personality.

Is Dapper Wife Pregnant with Their Third Child?

Dapper, the well-known comedian best known for his time on Celebrity Big Brother, recently pleased fans by announcing his wife Shelley’s pregnancy.

Using his true identity, Dan O’Reilly, he rushed to social media to share a moving video of the moment they told their two children they were pregnant.

Is Dapper Wife Pregnant

Dapper’s caption, which accompanied the video, yelled, “Big NEWS! We’re expecting ANOTHER child. I’m overjoyed, we’re all overjoyed; happy happy tears all around.”

This joyful revelation drew an outpouring of congratulations from his celebrity pals, including a comment from Jeff Brazier, demonstrating the excitement surrounding the growing family.

Dapper, also known as Dan O’Reilly, recently celebrated the announcement of his wife Shelley’s pregnancy, sparking a flood of sincere well-wishes and congrats. Through a lovely film that captures the emotional moment when they revealed their pregnancy to their two girls.

The warm response from his prominent pals, including Jeff Brazier, demonstrates the general excitement surrounding the upcoming addition to their family.

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Career Highlights: How Did Dapper Laughs Become a Comedian and a Celebrity?

Dapper Laughs began his career as a stand-up comedian and social media sensation, posting amusing videos and skits on sites such as Vine, YouTube, and Facebook.

He became famous for his irreverent and edgy humor, which frequently included pranks, pick-up lines, and dating advice. He also cultivated a devoted fan group known as the “Moisturisers,” after his catchphrase “She knows, she’s moist.”

Dapper Laughs landed his own ITV2 show, Dapper Laughs: On the Pull, in 2014, in which he gave dating advice to both men and women.

The show was a smashing success, drawing over a million viewers and garnering him a nomination for Best Entertainment Programme at the Broadcast Awards. He also published Proper Moist, a comedy album that peaked at number 15 on the UK Albums Chart.

Later that year, however, Dapper Laughs’ career took a turn for the worst when he was accused of making sexist, misogynistic, and disrespectful jokes, particularly regarding rape and homelessness.

He received criticism from the people, the media, and other celebrities, who demanded that his show be stopped and his career be ended. In addition, he lost several sponsorship deals and had his tour dates canceled.

Dapper Laughs declared his retirement from the role in November 2014 and apologized for his jokes, stating he had gone too far and was ashamed of himself. He also donated the album’s revenues to a rape charity. He stated that he wished to begin a new chapter in his life and devote his time to his family.

Dapper Laughs made a comeback in 2015, producing a new online show called Dapper Laughs: The Res-Erection, which followed his attempt to resurrect his career and rehabilitate his reputation. In addition, he resumed stand-up comedy, appearing at numerous locations and festivals. He stated that he had learned from his mistakes and wished to make people laugh once more.

In 2018, Dapper Laughs competed in Celebrity Big Brother’s 21st series, finishing in eighth place. After being ousted from the house, he proposed to his girlfriend Shelley Rae live on camera.

He stated that being on the show reminded him of how much he adored her and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.Dapper Laughs has since continued to work as a comedian and content provider, producing videos and podcasts for his fans.

He’s also been on TV shows like Celebrity Coach Trip, Celebrity Juice, and Celebrity Come Dine with Me. He also penned a book, Dapper Laughs: The Life and Times of a Moisturizer, which was released in 2019.

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How Much Money Does Dapper Laughs Make?

According to several sources, Dapper Laughs has a net worth of $1.5 million. His main source of revenue is his stand-up comedy business, which includes ticket sales, merchandising, sponsorships, and appearance fees.

Dapper Laughs
Dapper Laughs

He also makes money on social media, where he has millions of followers and subscribers. Dapper Laughs is his own apparel business that includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and accessories.

Dapper Laughs is also noted for his compassion and kindness, since he frequently supports many charities and causes, including the Salvation Army, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, the Cancer Council, and the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. He also gave the Salvation Army his $50,000 prize money from winning Dancing with the Stars Australia in 2012.

Relationship Status: Who Is Dapper Laughs Married To?

Dapper Laughs is married to Shelley Rae, a beauty entrepreneur and former glamour model. In front of family and friends, the couple had a lovely wedding in July 2022. They have two children, Neve and Hudson, and they are expecting their third in 2024.

Dapper Laughs and Shelley Rae have a warm and caring relationship and frequently share family moments on social media. Shelley Rae, Dapper Laughs’ manager and co-host, is also active in his comic career.

She has assisted Dapper Laughs in balancing his business and personal lives, particularly throughout his controversies and trials.

Shelley Rae has been regarded as Dapper Laughs’ best friend, partner, and soulmate, and he has expressed thanks for her support and encouragement. He has also stated that becoming a father is the best thing that has ever happened to him and that he adores his children above all else.

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