In DC, Maryland, and Virginia, there are emergency preparations to move the remains of Hurricane Ida

Between Thursday and Friday, the impact of Hurricane Ida will be transferred through DMV. All regions of the area are preparing to fight against the consequences that this hurricane will leave due to the heavy rains that are currently occurring.

Immediate action

The Emergency Operations Center was activated by the district mayor, Muriel Bowser, to ensure good coordination of services from the district, regional and federal partners.

The District is known to be prone to flooding, and for this reason, city workers have been filling sandbags in Lot 8 of RFK Stadium to protect government buildings in the event of flooding.

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In addition, DC Water workers were cleaning the storm drain in the southwest of the state to allow rainwater to flow. John Lisle, the lead spokesperson for DC Water, expressed his concern about the flooding and electrical power.

Monitoring the situation

As the storm approaches, the DC government has allowed announcements and campaigns to be made to make residents aware of the situation and take precautions.

  • Virginia

State Governor Ralph Northam declared that Virginia is in a state of emergency. On Tuesday, they handed out free sandbags to their residents to help them prepare for the storm, and city teams worked hard to ensure the best conditions.

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Arlington County Emergency Management Spokesperson Hanna Winant stated: “We are expecting 2-5 inches of rain tomorrow, and that’s a big problem because we’ve had a very wet August. The soil is saturated at this point, so we are concerned about subsequent rain and flooding.”

Notably, Falls Church residents can borrow sandbags if their homes are prone to flooding. They must attend the property’s courtyard on Gordon Road, Wednesday between 7:30 AM and 3 PM. A gay limited quantity of sandbags.

It is suggested to secure some items on decks and backyards, in addition to cleaning all gutters and keeping all electronic devices charged in the event of any power outage.

  • Maryland

The people of Annapolis are always concerned about the havoc Hurricane Ida can leave since almost all the buildings in the area are slightly above sea level and are prone to flooding caused by heavy rains and high tides.

“We are always on the lookout for weather systems that could affect this city,” said Mayor Gavin Buckley. In addition, he said, “We will raise the city dock six feet,” says Buckley, “we will install a series of gates and levees in partnership with the United States Naval Academy. We can protect the historic District and the Naval Academy at the same time. “

Final words

It is of the utmost importance that the region’s population prepare for the consequences that Hurricane Ida will leave this year. The government will be in charge of creating the best conditions to prevent the situation from worsening.

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