Herschel Walker Georgia Republican Runoff Candidate Info
Herschel Walker Georgia Republican Runoff Candidate Info

Herschel Walker Georgia Republican Runoff Candidate Info

Georgia’s Senate hopefuls Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker will square off on Tuesday. Neither the Democratic incumbent Warnock nor the Republican opponent Walker received more than 50% of the vote in the November election, therefore the Georgia contest went to a runoff. Republicans would gain a crucial member in the Senate if Walker were to win, even though the Democrats already have a majority locked up for the next two years.

Who Is Herschel Walker?

The 60-year-old Republican from Georgia is a former collegiate and NFL standout. He was selected to run for the Senate by President Trump. When compared to the incumbent Democrat, Warnock, Walker received 30,000 fewer votes in the race held on November 8.

Walker is making his first attempt for public office with his 2022 bid. He went on to represent the United States in bobsledding at the 1992 Olympics and chair the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition under Trump. Walker has portrayed himself as an outsider throughout this election cycle, even calling himself “just a rural boy” before his lone debate with Warnock in October.

In the last weeks before the general election, Walker, a fervent opponent of abortion rights, was rocked by allegations from an ex-girlfriend that he had paid for and encouraged her to have an abortion in 2009. Walker also refuted the claims of a second woman who came forward stating that the Senate candidate had previously forced her to seek an abortion.

What Does Walker Think About Abortion?

Despite the controversies surrounding his private life, Walker has steadfastly opposed abortion access in all circumstances, including those involving rape or incest. Walker has cited his Christian faith as a justification for his attitude whenever he has been pressed for additional information during his campaign.

During the argument that Walker had with Warnock, Walker stated that Georgia is a state that cherishes life. On the website for Walker’s campaign, it is stated that he supports “conservative family values,” which includes his position as “pro-life.” Walker has also campaigned on the issue of energy independence as a strategy to cut the price of oil and gas. Additionally, Walker has stated that he will “protect, not defund, the police” if he is elected.

During their conversation, Walker also claimed that he is a champion for mental health care, even though he disclosed that he no longer receives therapy for his dissociative identity disorder. Walker has stated that he will back Trump for president in 2024. The announcement of the former president’s intention to run for president came shortly after the midterm elections in November.

How Much Money Did Walker Get?

According to OpenSecrets, the race for the Senate seat in Georgia is the most expensive contest of this election cycle at the national level. Just for the runoff election, Warnock has raised almost twice as much money as Walker has raised combined. Political action committees have contributed approximately $24 million to support Walker’s campaign, while other committees have contributed over $40 million to support Walker’s opponent.

Between July and September, Walker was able to raise close to $12 million in support of his candidacy for the general election.

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