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Grimgar Season 2 Release Date Status Latest Update With Trailer

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is a famous fiction series related to a light novel, but will these familiar series renew for a Grimgar Season 2. Here is the updated news from TGC. It’s been 4 years as the Grimgar season 1 displayed. A-1 Pictures, the studio across all-time preferences like Black Butler, and Idolmaster with several others, was bound for season 1 of the show. Will they renew with Grimgar season 2, though? The question continues.

Grimgar Season 2 Updated News

As of presently, there has been no news about season 2 of the show. After the reputation of the light novel show, it was modified to be made into a TV fictional show that displayed from 11 January 2016, to 28 March 2016, with 12 episodes. Funimation approved the show for worldwide release on the big screen.

Yet, despite the popularity of the light novel show, the fictional show did not act as per assumptions which might be one of the chief causes behind why the show has not renewed with a new season still. 

Hence, enthusiasts need not lose faith still as four years is not an extreme wait for cartoon series to resume and arrive with succeeding seasons. So while there is no confirmed news, there are yet possibilities for the Grimgar season 2.

Grimgar Season 2 Release Date

Grimgar season 1 was released on 11 January 2016, and the season end was displayed on 28 March 2016. Our biggest assumption is that the Grimgar season 2 release date could come someday in 2020 or 2021. We will give you further news as quickly as we receive some official announcements.

Grimgar Season 2 Trailer

No official trailer has been revealed yet for season 2. For now, you can only watch the season 1 trailer and episodes of season 1 and guess the storyline of Grimgar season 2!

Grimgar Season 2 Cast


Ranta is the team’s champion and is one of the most vital characters. But despite that, he is beautiful and offensive towards others and isn’t anything similar to the proud champions most characters know of. 


Yume is the bright and cheerful shooter of the team with quite a keen mind. She is a proficient hunter when outfitted with a knife and a weapon, but when it involves a fight, she is not very experienced with her weapon. 


Shihoru is a small modern girl who is very humble and ethically uncomfortable about other people. But as the mage of the team, Shihoru is an extremely essential part of the show.


Manato was a minister who was also the director of the team of young explorers to come to this show’s hidden new and different world. In his performance, Manato was a dangerous competitor who is supposed to be a frustrating tank and became the director in getting every team member together. 


Merry is a cleric who fits Manato’s replacement after his passing. She was a part of a different party before she ultimately tied up with Haruhiro’s team. She is a lovely stoic and only gives a little information to others. 

Grimgar Season 2 Plot

The tale of Grimgar concentrates on a team of rookie explorers who quickly get moved into a stranger, RPG-like class, having no remembrance of their recollections, save for their titles. With that in memory, the group looked completely out of their part when fighting goblins in a forest and had no other option but to go away. 

The team must fight to remain in this world by getting work to get their snacks and grow as fighters, along with discovering out why they were transferred to this strange world. 

Gradually, as the series grows, we notice several flashbacks of mobiles, planes, and other items that recommend the team may have been moved from the current world. And exactly like a standard RPG, the team must choose their aspired groups, join organizations, defeating a myriad of opponents and freaks to produce experience or XP, and gain gold. 

The team originally traveled as a party of six, till goblins killed their leader Manato, who was a minister. Later, Haruhiro brought over as the group’s director and saw Mary, who joined the party, later on, assume the character of the group’s new minister.

Final Words

This show is one of the best light novel shows. It tells the fight done by the team of people for their endurance in the new world when they began the vision of the new world. At that moment, they don’t have thoughts of the earlier world. Grimgar Season 2 will come someday in 2021.

While there is no information on Grimgar season 2 and A-1 Pictures is now serving on other projects that are shortly to come, enthusiasts can only expect a possible comeback!

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