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Governor Calls For More Vaccination As California’s Decline In COVID-19 Cases Flattens

Californians have been proactive towards their vaccination shots, with over 85% of them receiving at least 1 dose. This had led to a steady fall in COVID-19 cases in the last 2 months. California may be experiencing ‘Ghaly ‘, i.e. a plateau, post its gradual decline in cases and hospitalizations since the surfacing of the delta variant.

Yet millions await vaccination, putting a pause to the steady decline, and flattening of the curve, impacting the state with the lowest infection rate in the country. This might lead to an increase in hospitalization in November.

“This is an incredibly important time because what tends to happen this time — it happened last year — is our attention wanes,” Newsom said. “We start focusing on other things. And as a consequence, we can let our guard down.”

Although there is a decline in the number of critical patients, the recent trends ring alarm bells of caution, as the Models forecast regarding the requirement of hospitals, and other fatalities, show a possibly tough time for the medical care officials around Thanksgiving, as the death toll is continuing to spike.

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Although the State has come a long way from 50,000 cases a day at its worst to 5,900 cases a day, there is no room for a lackadaisical attitude. Some experts believe there is no reason to panic for something like the last year to repeat itself. Even as the festive season and the holidays kick in, the vaccination will definitely show an impact.

 “I’m not as pessimistic as the state or the governor,” maintains Dr. Lee Riley, chairman of the Division of Infectious Disease and Vaccinology at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health. Locations already witnessing the onset of winter too haven’t witnessed any such unnatural spike, he said. “The name of the game really is vaccination.”

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