Google Pixel 8 Release Date

Google Pixel 8 Release Date: Next-Gen Smartphone Lineup!

This year, the Pixel 8 Series is expected to make a big splash in the world of top smartphones. Google wants it to be as innovative and valuable as Samsung and Apple. Google’s new pair of phones are expected to come out later this year.

They will have a lot of new features, interesting new sensors, cutting-edge silicon technology, and AI-powered camera features that will make them stand out.

What To Expect From Pixel 8

Based on the latest leaks and reliable information from experts in the field, the upcoming Pixel 8 Series will be a big improvement in many ways. Both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro will use Google’s next-generation Tensor G3 engine, which was made in-house. They will also have fast UFS 4.0 storage and LPDDR5x RAM. You can check out an official Tweet from Google.

Even though the overall style isn’t likely to change much, the vanilla Pixel 8 is smaller this year, which is a big change. Reliable sources say that the size of the screen will go down slightly, from 6.32 inches to 6.17 inches. Also, there is a small rise in charging speeds. The Pixel 8 Pro can charge its battery with up to 27W of power, while the Pixel 8 can be charged with up to 24W of power through a wire.

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The camera system could be upgraded, which would be a big step forward. The goal of the upgrade would be to make the software work better. The Pixel 8 family is expected to get a new staggered HDR mode and a new main sensor called the Samsung ISOCELL GN2. Lastly, adding a thermometer monitor to the Camera Bar will let people quickly check their body temperature. This will make the device more useful.

  • Tensor G3 chipset with UFS 4.0 storage and LPDDR5x RAM
  • Faster wired charging speeds – 27W on the Pixel 8 Pro, 24W on the Pixel 8
  • Samsung ISOCELL GN2 (50MP) main camera sensor with new staggered HDR feature
  • More compact Pixel 8 with a 6.17-inch display, compared to the 6.32-inch Pixel 7
  • Largely the same design with some cool new colours: Haze, Jade, Licorice, and Peony

In the piece below, you can find a much more in-depth look at the Pixel 8’s new features and hardware. Dig deep to find out everything you need to know about Google’s new top phone, such as when it might come out, how much it will cost, and what new camera features, screen specs, and software tricks it will have.

Conclusion: This year, Google’s Pixel 8 Series phone will go up against the best phones from Samsung and Apple. Google’s Tensor G3 engine, UFS 4.0 storage, and LPDDR5x RAM are among the features that people are looking forward to. Even though there aren’t many changes to the style, you can expect the screen to be a little bit smaller, charging to go faster, and camera upgrades to improve software performance. Staggered HDR and a temperature monitor in the Camera Bar add to the camera’s flexibility. The Pixel 8 looks like it will be a big step forward for smartphones.

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