Does Gabbie Hanna Really Breakup With Her Long-Term Boyfriend?


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American singer-songwriter and Internet celebrity Gabbie Hanna was born on February 7, 1991. She gained fame on Vine and YouTube before releasing her first track, “Out Loud,” in 2017. After releasing her first EP, 2WayMirror, on May 31, 2019, she is set to release her second EP, Bad Karma, on May 15, 2020. Her first full-length album Trauma Queen came out on July 22, 2022. Here you will read about if Gabbie Hanna breakup with her boyfriend?

Both Hanna’s poetry volumes, Adultolescence (2017) and Dandelion (2020) are New York Times bestsellers.

Gabbie Hanna Early Life

On February 7, 1991, Hanna entered the world in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She is the sixth of her parents’ seven children and comes from Lebanese, French, and Polish ancestry. Hanna received her BA in psychology and MA in communications from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013.

She joined the sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma while she was a student at Pitt. She got a job with a marketing firm whose products were marketed in Sam’s Clubs after graduation, climbed to the top salesperson in the United States, and then relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, to establish a new office for the firm. However, the revelation that their business model was a pyramid scheme prompted her to leave.


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Gabbie Hanna Career

Hanna started posting sketches to Vine in late 2013 and quickly became popular, amassing a following of about five million users. She started a channel on YouTube in 2014 under the Gabbie Show.

Hanna and her dancing partner Matt Steffanina won Season 4 of the Dance Showdown web series in 2015. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Hanna relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she worked for BuzzFeed before leaving to focus on her online video platforms, YouTube and Vine.

An accusation video against comedian Gabbie Hanna for allegedly ripping off her material went popular on Reddit in December 2015. Hanna denies being a comedian and says she “never have and never will consider [herself] a comedian” in responding to the allegations.

Hanna shifted her attention to YouTube after Vine was shut down in 2016. Moreover, she was shortlisted for Choice Web Star: Female and Choice Viner at the Teen Choice Awards. At the end of 2016, Hanna joined other YouTube stars on the lip sync tour Drop the Mic.

Gabbie Hanna and Her Long-Term Boyfriend Breakup

Gabbie Hanna Boyfriend
Gabbie Hanna Boyfriend

In the premiere episode of her new series “Confessions of a Washed-up YouTube Hasbeen,” Gabbie revealed to her audience that she and long-term lover Payton Saxon had ended their relationship.

She said that she and her ex-boyfriend were “best f***ing friends” despite having “quite different visions.” After that, Gabbie noted that she and Payton were still friendly but didn’t share the same goals for the future.

Who Is Payton Saxon?

Payton Saxon come to fame as Gabbie Hanaa’s lover. He and Gabbie Hana were still together in 2021.

Payton Saxon Career and Net Worth

Payton Saxon’s employment status at Stryker as of March 2021 remained unchanged as that of Trauma Sales Representative. In January 2019, he first assumed his position.

Payton spent time with Neilson Financial Services before joining Stryker. In 2018, he spent 8 months working for the firm. Payton worked for AT&T as an Inside Sales Representative and later as a Territory Sales Manager for three and six months, from October 2014 to March 2016.

Payton has worked as an Exercise Physiologist at Rob’s Fitness Factory, a Physical Therapy Technician at Dynamic Physical Therapy, and a Personal Trainer at West Virginia University.

Online sources estimate Payton Saxon’s wealth at $250,000,000.

How Was Gabbie Hanna’s Relationship With Payton Saxon?

According to rumors, Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon started dating in August 2019, but they didn’t go “Instagram official” until September.

Payton has appeared in several of Gabbie’s videos and was the focus of one of her music videos.

In an earlier interview, Payton’s 30-year-old teammate said that the 32-year-old is “extremely quiet,” suggesting that he does not actively participate in online communities.

Fans of the singer are eager to hear how Gabbie Hanna, who recently announced that she had signed with a record label, will incorporate her recent breakup into her music.

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