Freddie Gibbs Wife
Freddie Gibbs Wife

Freddie Gibbs Wife: All About His Ex Girlfriend and Childrens!

Rapper Frederick Jamel Tipton, also known as Freddie Gibbs to hip-hop fans, has been active in the business since 2004. He distributed multiple albums during his musical ascent and worked with Big Sean, Tyler, the Creator, Rick Ross, and many well-known artists.

While it is undeniable that Freddie is immersed in the rap game, he has also drawn notice of his romantic connections. His romantic life has frequently generated buzz on social media. Here’s the lowdown on Freddie Gibbs’ past relationships!

Who is Freddie Gibbs Dαting?

Freddie frequently shares details of his personal life, including his values. The “Scottie Beam” artist started dαting Destini Creams, an adult film actor, in 2020.

Destini claims that she and Freddie first connected on Instagram after he “slid in my DMs.” The two then allegedly began dαting, and Destini insisted she felt no remorse about her profession.

“So y’all remember when I dated Freddie Gibbs, right?” Destini wrote on Twitter in May 2023 with a matching jersey pic of her and Freddie. “Well, let’s talk about it.”

“So Freddie and I met in 2020 when he slid into my DMS on Instagram,” she continued. “And for the record, he always knew I did porn and was very supportive. After we made it official, blogs started posting about us we didn’t care. We were just having fun.”

Freddie Gibbs Wife

Freddie and Destini took a romantic getaway to Europe early in their relationship. Destini posted many images of them on Twitter, including one in which Freddie kissed her cheek as they posed in front of the Eiffel Tower. The happy times reportedly didn’t last very long, though.

According to Destini, she and Freddie’s problems started after they jumped in Buffalo, New York. Complex shared the video of the confrontation in May 2022, and speculation quickly spread that rapper Benny the Butcher was behind Freddie and Destini’s attack.

Despite the argument altering their relationship, Destini claimed they remained together until she discovered she was pregnant in December 2022 at nine weeks. Despite allegedly “planning” to have a child together, she claimed that when she informed Freddie the news, he replied he “wasn’t ready” for a child.

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Freddie and Destini talked about her getting an abortion, and she knew that doing so would terminate their relationship. Destini said that she “turned off” the rapper’s phone after their breakup because she had been covering his phone bill during their relationship.

Who is Freddie Gibbs Wife?

It appears that Destini intends to carry out her pregnancy. Since Freddie already had three children before he and Destini started dαting, the most recent pregnancy would make him a father of four.

Kimber Henry, the mother of Freddie’s first child, is also the mother of Freddie Jr. The rapper and Erica Dickerson, his ex-fiancée, have a daughter together. After their relationship with Freddie ended in 2015, Erica frequently discussed co-parenting on her Good Moms Bad Choices podcast.

Following their divorce, Erica filed a custody complaint against Freddie. According to TMZ, Raven Tatum, Freddie’s third baby mother, also had issues with the rapper.

In his song “Grandma’s Stove” from 2022, Freddie called his ex-girlfriend Raven a “rat” and mocked her for suing him for child maintenance. Following the diss track, several of his followers called him out on Twitter for disparaging the mother of his child.

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