Netflix Explains 'Echoes' Ending and Leaves Season 2 Open
Netflix Explains 'Echoes' Ending and Leaves Season 2 Open

Netflix Explains ‘Echoes’ Ending and Leaves Season 2 Open

Fans of Echoes are left wondering what happened to Leni and Gina after the series conclusion. Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata, Karen Robinson, and Jonathan Tucker all-star in this strange Netflix movie in which Michelle Monaghan plays both women. Here you will read about Echoes ending, and what’s next coming for the new season.

The story of two sisters who have been switching places in life behind the scenes ever since they were kids unfolds over the course of seven episodes. When one of the twins disappears, everything that looks perfectly ordered in their parallel lives suddenly becomes chaotic.

What Happened in Echoes?

Echoes open on Gina McCleary, a prominent writer who, along with her husband Charlie Davenport, resides in Los Angeles (played by Daniel Sunjata). When the husband of her missing twin sister, Leni, contacts her, she has no choice but to return to Mount Echo.

In contrast to Gina and Charlie, Leni and her husband Jack Beck (Matt Bomer) maintain a farm and raise their daughter Mattie. Leni turns out to be someone else entirely and hasn’t gone missing at all.

Every year on their birthday, the sisters trade places, so the “Leni” who has vanished is actually Gina, who has devised a cunning scheme to abscond with her high school boyfriend Dylan, the father of the child she is expecting.

When Dylan and Gina were teenagers, they dated, but their relationship ended when the church they were having sex in caught fire. One of the church’s overnight guests tragically passed away. Leni blamed Dylan for the fire and tricked Gina into breaking up with him, but it turned out that she started the fire herself because she was angry at Dylan for abandoning Gina.

Also revealed is the fact that Gina falsely accused Leni of pushing their older sister Claudia over a railing while in reality, it was Leni who conducted the pushing. Claudia’s relationship with Gina was irreparably damaged after the fall, and she now uses a wheelchair as a result.

Then, Gina learned that her sister had approached a literary agent with a proposal for a book about her miscarriage a year before she vanished under the alias “Leni.” When she told her husband Charlie about the life switch, he revealed that he had been keeping a journal about it.

As a young woman, Gina made an effort to separate herself from Leni by relocating to Los Angeles, where she met Charlie and began her writing career. They fell pregnant at the same time, but Gina miscarried, and after Leni gave birth to Mattie, she suffered from postpartum depression and nearly drowned him.

Echoes Ending Explained

Echoes Ending
Echoes Ending

In the series finale of Echoes, Gina and Leni flee their burned-out childhood home, where their father Victor was killed. Due to a cardiac issue, Victor passed away just minutes before the fire broke out.

Gina is determined to escape from her sister after realizing that she has tried to control her life ever since they were kids, even so far as to murder Dylan to prevent Gina from leaving. Leni follows Gina around in the woods and says she misses having privacy with her.

After a heated argument that ends in the river, Leni tells her sister Gina that she witnessed their father kill their mother by drowning her in the bathtub when she was very young (which explains the drowning flashbacks we have seen throughout the episodes). Gina then reveals to Leni that Victor had voluntarily drowned his ailing wife, as she had requested.

Since Leni’s mother’s death was the driving force for her desire to keep Gina near for as long as possible, this news comes as a shock to her. Gina pleads with Leni to “come back” to her, but Leni refuses, so Gina jumps from the cliff.

As the scene shifts to Leni being questioned by the police, it is revealed that Gina has been missing and is now missing and thought dead. Leni has just come under suspicion for the murder of the man in the church all those years ago.

In an attempt to escape with Dylan, Leni uses a phony passport that Gina had created for her. Leni is asked by a female airport worker if she was there a few days previously. Insinuating that Gina is still alive and has escaped, she reveals that a woman who looks exactly like Leni had boarded a flight.

Finally, did Leni or Gina pay Charlie a visit? And did both of the twins come back, or was it the same woman who came to the book reading? We don’t know the answers just yet, but Season 2 is definitely possible after that final scene.

The entire season of Echoes (seven episodes) can be seen right now on Netflix.

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