Drake Kitchen Island Is One Of The Largest We Have Ever Seen!

The most recent kitchen island ideas are layered with texture, rich with details, and visually appealing. The size and intended layout of your kitchen should determine the overall proportions of any island unit. Some islands, on the other hand, are designed to stand out, as Canadian architect and interior designer Ferris Rafauli has done in rapper Drake’s residence.

The residence, dubbed The Embassy, is inspired by historic Beaux-Arts architecture, but with an organically modern and luxurious atmosphere brilliantly reflected by the huge island.

Rafauli described the interiors to Architectural Digest’s Modern Art Deco,’ referring to a classic design that has been revitalized to satisfy his high-profile client’s desire for high luxury. The size of the island and the materials used to create this exceptional design convey this statement.


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big-sized kitchens necessitate an island with big proportions to avoid looking lost in the area. More designers and customers are choosing larger, more eye-catching islands than ever before.

The island has evolved into much more than a kitchen feature; it is frequently the hub of a kitchen, a place to gather, eat, and chat. The best islands have both a working and social side. The latter could be as simple as a breakfast bar or as elaborate as a drop-down dining table/banquette setup.

Drake Kitchen Table Configuration

‘The table configuration can be more comfortable if you plan to eat most meals at the island, and it permits a change in surface materials for added visual interest,’ explains Richard Moore, design director at Martin Moore.


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It is critical to focus on selecting the best materials when creating a kitchen island, especially one as crucial to the concept as Drake’s design.

‘Because of their central location and ability to be seen from all sides, island units are perfect for experimenting with novel materials and finishes,’ says Jane Powell, designer at Roundhouse.

Marble is an excellent choice for a luxury kitchen, and it is this material that is prominent in Drake’s kitchen. This Statuario Paonazzo marble from Italy on the island and kitchen backsplash has delicate gray veining and little flecks of deep gold. An extravagant accent that works beautifully in this setting.

Sarah Southwell, an interior designer suggests selecting the ideal marble kitchen ideas takes time and patience: she chooses the marble before anything else in the room, and then the plan grows from there. She then selects colors and textures to create a design that complements the stone.

According to Angus and Charlotte Buchanan of Buchanan, marble is more adaptable than many people imagine. ‘We also like to use it to elevate features and touchpoints around the house.

If you’re worried about going overboard, limit your statement material to the main focal point of your island – the elevation that will be visible from the dining table and/or as you enter the kitchen – then match the rest of the island materials to those used on the main cabinetry this is what Leila Touwen thinks co-founder of Pluck.

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