did adam levine cheat
did adam levine cheat

Did Adam Levine Cheat On Behati Prinsloo?

There are rumors that did Adam Levine cheated on Behati Prinsloo and asked if he could name their child after the woman with whom he had an affair less than a week after they announced their pregnancy. And it looks like more than one woman accused the former The Voice judge of cheating on her.

Adam and Behati were together for almost two years before getting married in July 2014. In 2016, they had their first child, a daughter they named Dusty Rose. In 2018, a daughter named Gio Grace became their second child. In September 2022, Victoria’s Secret model was seen with a baby bump in Santa Barbara, California.

This was proof that Adam and Behati were expecting their third child together. Behati confirmed the news a few days later with an Instagram photo of her and her growing belly. “Recent,” she wrote as the post’s title.

In November 2021, Behati told Entertainment Tonight in an interview that she and Adam want five children. She said, “We always knew we wanted a second one.” “So, I think for me, when I had two babies under the age of 2, I was like, ‘Don’t even think about it!'” I do want five kids, too. But don’t think about it at all.” “Never say never,” she said next. We want lots of kids. Who can say? We’re letting fate and what happens to decide.

Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo: Did He Cheat On Her?

Levine cheated on Prinsloo? Instagram beauty Sumner Stroh said she had an affair with Adam, and he sought to name his baby after her. Sumner: “I cheated on a Victoria’s Secret model’s husband.” “I was ignorant and young. I’m exploited. I wasn’t in the scene then, so I was easily manipulated.”

Sumner shared direct messages with Adam. “Seeing you were like… Adam replied to Sumner’s text, “You’re 50 times hotter in person.” I’m too.” Sumner said, “Adam and I dated for a year. He entered my life after I stopped talking to him for months.

Adam asked Sumner if he and Behati could name their third child after her. “Ok, seriously. If it’s a boy, I’d call him Sumner. Yes? Adam was “DEATHLY,” Sumner said on TikTok, “I’m in hell. I’m in hell’ My integrity was undermined. “I was manipulated.”

Sumner revealed why she came out. “I wanted to handle it quietly.” I never wanted to come forward because I know the repercussions of doing what I do, making money as I do, and being an Instagram model. “I shared screenshots to friends I trusted, and one tried to sell to a tabloid. I’m here.” Sumner captioned the TikTok, “embarrassed I was involved with a man without remorse and respect.”

Did adam Levine cheat

Sumner commented on Instagram after posting the TikTok, “Aware many will make wrong assumptions.” I feel bad about how things happened. It’s a lot to take in, but hopefully, the truth will help.”

Maryka accused Adam of cheating on Behati in Instagram Stories on September 20, 2022, where she posted amorous texts and videos between them. Adam wrote to Maryka, “Don’t ever apologize for being human. I’ll take a break from it.” Adam replied, “F*ck me to distract yourself! He emailed Maryka a video saying, “I’m dumb.” Some texts feature timestamps from July 2022, Adam’s eighth anniversary with Behati.

Adam notified Maryka in June 2022 that he and Behati expect a third son, Zea. I was going to remark mercury in retrograde when you stated you were fatigued, but I didn’t. Adam wrote to Maryka, “Trippy.” She replied, “No way.” Maryka said, “Damn. That’s weird.” I’m an Aquarius, and shit’s weird.” Adam said, “F*ckin hell.” I’m expecting. Pregnant wife! It’s a boy! Zea’s his name. He’ll be wrong.”

Alanna Zabel, Adam’s former yoga instructor from 2007 to 2010, accused him of sending amorous Instagram messages on September 21, 2022. Alanna said that he often said his yoga instructor had the nicest ass in town. “He texted me, ‘I want to spend the day naked with you.'” My ex saw me in the bath and got envious. I told my ex it was a mistake for Adam’s then-girlfriend Becky.

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Adam Levine Denied Cheating On Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine denied cheating on Behati Prinsloo. Adam denied having an “affair” with Sumner but took “full responsibility” for his inappropriate behavior with her after Sumner’s TikTok. “I had horrible judgment flirting with everyone but my wife. I didn’t have an affair, but I crossed the line during a regretful time,” he said. “Sometimes it was incorrect. I’ve addressed this with my family and taken action.

His wife and family are all he cares about. My biggest mistake was being so foolish and ignorant as to risk my sole true love. It’s ruined. I’m accountable. We’ll survive together.

A source told People on September 21, 2022, that Adam and Sumner “didn’t touch.” “Nothing happened physically. The Insider stated he swore it. He flirted with three ladies while messaging her. She indicated they have a physical relationship, although he denies it to friends. Adam messaged people outside his marriage because he desired “female attention,” according to a source.

Why did he do it? Insider: “He relished the spotlight.” “He likes it best,” The source said Adam started contacting women more “during COVID-19,” when he was secluded but still with Behati. The informant stated, “They didn’t split up and weren’t on break.” The source labeled Adam’s request to name his and Behati’s third kid “Sumner” “extremely questionable judgment” Insider: “Nobody knows what he was thinking.”

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