Dee Snider Applauds Black Veil Brides’ ‘Stylish’ Concert Cancellation


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Last night (August 30) at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, Black Veil Brides were forced to cancel their show owing to technical troubles, but they found a way to make up for it. Dee Snider has said the band’s response was “classy,” praising their professionalism and maturity.

On the current leg of their tour, Black Veil Brides are joined by fellow metal acts Motionless in White and Ice Nine Kills for what they’re calling the Trinity of Terror Tour. In case you missed it, Black Veil Brides performed last night at Red Rocks, and the whole place went wild as they came out on stage.

Beginning his statement, Andy Biersack said, “Thank you so much for cheering for that; that’s very sweet of you. Hi, we’re the Black Veil Brides. We’re having this conversation here instead of blasting some rock tunes.”

“The reason being that unfortunately for us, we had technical troubles, and our gear did not arrive, so we have nothing to play with,” Biersack says, with his bandmates standing at his side.

We can’t play today, but we love Denver and the surrounding area so much that we’re throwing a free concert at the Oriental Theater on Thursday for everyone who came out tonight. Biersack started to say, “No price, just come see us play, and we will sing along with you guys,” but the applause from the crowd interrupted him.

He says, “So thank you so much, enjoy the rest of the night, enjoy the rest of the bands, thank you.” After watching the video of the band’s announcement, Snider commented, “Was that word…elegant? I did. To the gentlemen: well done “while showing off the clip.

Then Biersack expressed gratitude to Snider for tweeting the video “That is extremely helpful, Dee. Man, I appreciate that a tonne. We’re so sorry this occurred tonight and want to make it up to the fans that came all the way to watch us play but didn’t get to see us.”

Black Veil Brides will continue their current tour with Motionless in White, and Ice Nine Kills despite problems during their Denver gig. Purchase your theatre tickets here.

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Govind Dhiman
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