Dane Cook Girlfriend
Dane Cook Girlfriend

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor Engagement Takes Center Stage!

Dane Cook and his longtime girlfriend Kelsi Taylor are now engaged. The comedian proposed to the woman on July 13, 2022, at York Beach in Maine, a location that has special significance to the couple after five years of dαting.

“When we started dαting, we went there on our first trip together, so to return five years later was meaningful to us,” Cook tells exclusively.

Here is all there is to know about Cook’s fiancee, even though he is most known for his appearances in Good Luck Chuck and My Most Friend’s Girl.

Dane Cook Girlfriend

Comedian Dane Cook recently made a public announcement about being engaged to Kelsi Taylor. The comedian uploaded a video and photo collage of the proposal, which took place alongside a body of water, on Tuesday.

Dane Cook Girlfriend

“She confirmed yes!” Cook wrote the post’s caption. Taylor identifies as a musician, dietician, and Pilates instructor. Cook later that day shared a black-and-white picture of him and Taylor laughing while he leaned into her ear.


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“Making my fiancée @itskelsitaylor laugh is my favorite sound,” he wrote. “I love her with all my heart. We’ve made beautiful memories over the last five years. There’s so much to celebrate as we look forward together.”

Taylor shared two images from the proposal, including one of Cook getting down on one knee and another of them sharing a kiss.

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“Fiancé has a nice ring to it,” she captioned the post. “‘The secret’s out! @danecook and I are engaged. A couple weeks ago, Dane got on one knee and asked me to be his wife and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment. I love this man and love spending my life with him. I can’t wait for what’s to come.”


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Although it is not unusual for a celebrity to propose marriage, this upcoming coupling has gained attention online due to the couple’s close to 27-year age difference. Cook, born in 1972, is 50 years old, whereas Taylor was born in 1998. Cook said they had been dαting for “five years.”

“Dane Cook’s favorite band is Underage Against The Machine,” one person wrote, a play on the band name Rage Against the Machine.

“Did you know Dane Cook plays guitar? His favorite scale is A Minor,” quipped someone else.

Comic Christian Finnegan writes, “Dane Cook and his fiancee are registered at Build-A-Bear.”

Even though the Twitterverse may have had a lot to say, Cook seemed ecstatic to be getting ready to walk down the aisle. He claimed he was entirely at ease about proposing to her.

“I was so ready to ask her. I was completely zen about it,” Cook told People. “The evening of the proposal was incredibly beautiful, the weather was perfect, sunset was spectacular, and I was just quite simply very happy.”

“I was asking my best friend, the woman who I’ve shared some of the greatest times of my life with, to marry me so we can start the next chapter our of lives together,” he added. “I was also thinking of how absolutely stunning she looked.”

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