Cynthia And Mike Divorce
Cynthia And Mike Divorce

Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Have Filed For Divorce?

According to an exclusive story by theJasmineBRAND, Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill have decided to end their marriage and have filed for divorce.

TJB has heard from reliable sources that the reality TV star and the sports anchor have been “separated for some time now” but that they continue to get along OK.

According to TJB, the formerly married pair had filed for divorce. Still, no divorce records could be located either in California, where Mike currently resides or in Georgia, where Cynthia now calls home.

According to the source, “They truly love each other, and it wasn’t something controversial or anyone’s fault… it just didn’t work out.”

According to Michelle Brown, Cynthia first became acquainted with Mike Hill when she listened to one of his podcasts titled “Unstable.” They made an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show a few months later, during which Cynthia feigned that she had never seen Mike.

Michelle believes this should have been a warning sign because she believes that a marriage built on deception does not last very long. The long-distance romance between Mike and Cynthia flourished, and in the year 2020, they decided to tie the knot.

Cynthia And Mike Divorce

They documented their wedding via live-stream videos and many images and posts on Instagram, as is typical for pseudo-celebrities.

There is a rumour going around that Cynthia saw Mike cheating, and he kicked her out because of it. Now she pretends on Instagram that she is a single lady by posting photographs of thirst traps.

Watch the video that is provided below.

Several months after her breakup with Peter, Cynthia was a guest on The Steve Harvey Show, when she was introduced to sports commentator Mike Hill. They tied the knot on 10/10/20, exactly two years ago. However, it would appear that there may be some turbulence in their paradise.

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Cynthia and Mike may no longer be together. Still, a substantial quantity of evidence supports this conclusion, even though the two of them have not made any public statement to this effect.

  • Exhibit A- Neither Cynthia nor Mike posted about their wedding on 10/10/22.
  • Exhibit B- She is no longer Cynthia Bailey-Hill on Instagram. You can find her at @cynthiabailey again.
  • Exhibit C- Cynthia hasn’t posted about Mike since a birthday message on August 19th.
  • Exhibit D- Mike hasn’t posted about his wife since Mother’s Day, May 8th.
  • Exhibit E- A hottie climbed across a ringless Mike’s body during a very NSFW game while celebrating a friend’s birthday at a bar. **Call me crazy, but I don’t think Cynthia would be “chill” with her man being in this close of proximity to another woman. That is just my opinion.

In November 2016, Cynthia and Mike threatened to take legal action in response to allegations of cheating being leveled at a sports newscaster. The allegations started spreading after a woman claimed on social media that she had “receipts” proving that Mike was flirting with other users on Snapchat. According to the screenshots, Mike first sent the woman flirty messages, then sent her a naked photo of himself.

When the paparazzi questioned Mike and Cynthia about the letters, they claimed they were untrue and threatened to take legal action if the rumors continued. Additionally, Mike urged the woman who had made the allegations to “get assistance.” Mike denied being behind the Snapchat account and said the images weren’t him in other messages he posted online. Mike also said he was not in the photos.

Mike has stated that he does not use Snapchat, and Cynthia is familiar enough with him to believe his word rather than that of an unknown woman. Fans wonder if Cynthia and Mike have broken up now that a year has passed since their relationship began.

Mike’s admission that he and Cynthia argued earlier this year made him question whether or not they would be able to make it to their second year of marriage fanned speculation that the couple would end up divorcing. The former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is no stranger to the process of divorce.

However, supporters were hoping that Cynthia would finally find her true love this time. Fans continue to spread rumors about the couple, even though this is just conjecture, and neither the breakup nor the divorce has been confirmed.

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