Christine Brown's New Boyfriend Was Revealed On "Sister Wives"
Christine Brown's New Boyfriend Was Revealed On "Sister Wives"

Christine Brown’s New Boyfriend Was Revealed On “Sister Wives”

Since Christine Brown’s divorce from Kody Brown was made public, Sister Wives fans have been hoping that she would find true love again. The mom, who is 50 years old, said she is officially and fully dating someone. Sister Wives fans have done some research online and think they know who Christine’s new boyfriend is, even though she promised to introduce them to him.

The News That Christine Brown Has A Boyfriend Is Announced

Following the dissolution of her plural marriage to Kody in 2021, Christine relocated to Murray, Utah, with her daughter Truely Grace Brown, in order to begin a new life in that location with her family. She was confident that she would find love in the future. The Sister Wives star has stated that she is looking for a committed partner who is both compassionate and romantic, and who — in contrast to her last partner — is attracted to her.

The star of Sister Wives announced her relationship with her new boyfriend in a video titled “car confessions” that was posted to her Instagram Stories on February 2nd (via Reddit). Christine is overjoyed to report that she is “dating somebody exclusively,” as she put it.

“He is wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for,” she gushed. She said he’s “incredible” with her youngest daughter, Truely. “He’s absolutely a dream come true,” she said. The Sister Wives star looks ecstatic about her new romance, and fans couldn’t be happier for her.

Christine didn’t tell her eager fans who her man was, but she said she would tell them more about him later. “I can’t wait to show you pictures and everything else in a few minutes. But for now, I’m not letting anyone else know about him. “I’ll give you a little more information later,” she said.

Christine Brown's New Boyfriend Was Revealed On "Sister Wives"
Christine Brown’s New Boyfriend Was Revealed On “Sister Wives”

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Fans Of The Tv Show “Sister Wives” Think They Know Who Christine Brown’s Boyfriend Is

There are a lot of Sister Wives fans that have been looking forward to this day for Christine and they can’t wait any longer. Fans of the show Internet Sleuths believe that they may have solved the mystery of who Christine is dating. On Reddit, one user uploaded two pictures of a man and captioned them with the following:“The potential new boyfriend.”

One fan wrote, “His eyes are beautiful and kind.” Someone else said that he and Christine would look “cute” together. So, who is the man in the pictures, and how does he know Christine?

What is his connection to Christine?

Christine from Sister Wives has more than a million Instagram followers, but she only follows 115 people, and most of them are her family. Only one of the men she followed on Instagram didn’t appear to have a wife.

The man was then found on Facebook, which is where the photos on Reddit came from. The man in the picture is 59-year-old David Woolley, who, according to his Facebook page, is from San Diego, California, but now lives in Utah. He also seems to like Disney a lot, since he posts a lot of photos of himself and his family at Disney Land. He couldn’t be any better for Christine, could he?

Christine and Woolley follow each other on Instagram, and the Facebook is also connected to him in some other way. Aspyn Thompson, who is Christine’s daughter, is a friend of Woolley’s on Facebook. Maybe Aspyn was the one who put Woolley in touch with Christine.

Now, people who watch Sister Wives have to wait to see if Christine will say that Woolley is her new boyfriend. Fans ship them even if they’re not an item.

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