Christian Richard Net worth
Christian Richard Net worth

Christian Richard Net Worth: Income, Wife, Bio, Family (Updated 2022)

Christian Richard, the former CEO and co-founder of Foodler, departed at the age of 38 due to the company’s rapid growth and profitability. He also appears in a few episodes of the television series Selling Sunset. Christine Quinn is married to Christian Richards. During the third season of Selling Sunsets, she married her longtime lover Christian Richard in a lavish wedding.

Who is Christian Richard?

As of 1979, Richard was a US citizen born. He is a man of 41. A white American by birth, he lives in the United States. No information regarding his family has been given out by him. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he received his bachelor’s degree (MIT).

In December of this year, he secretly married Christine Quinn. According to media reports, the wedding would take place amid a gothic winter wonderland complete with black swans. There are no children in the family at this time. He was previously unmarried before getting married, and he hasn’t revealed whether or not he’s been in a prior relationship.

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He doesn’t use any social media sites, such as Instagram or Twitter, to connect with others. When it comes to his personal life, he wants to keep everything private. He’s a big fan of traveling, and Paris and New York are two of his favorite cities. Also, he likes to watch movies, and Brad Pitt is one of his favorites.

Birth Name Christian Dumontet
Date of Birth 1979
Age 42
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession/Job Business, Tech Entrepreneur, Software Engineer
Relationship Status Married
Wife Christine Quinn

Christian Richard Relationship and Personal Life

Christine Quinn, a real estate agent, and reality celebrity is his wife. After meeting for the first time in 2019, they were married only a year later. He and Christine were introduced when Christian mentioned looking for a new place to live and a mutual friend “wasn’t feeling it” on a date with him. Season three of the Netflix series, which premiered in 2019, contained the first appearance of his romance with Christine and their stunning wedding.

When Christian Georges Dumontet was born in May 2021, the couple dubbed him “Baby C.” In Season 4 of Selling Sunset, Christine takes a leave of absence from the Oppenheim Group to care for her newborn daughter. However, she was eager to go back to work before the season was out.

What Was Christian Richard’s Source Of Income?

Christian Richard's Source Of Income
Christian Richard’s Source Of Income

Christian Richard originates from Middle Township, New Jersey, where he is a devoted follower of Christ. He graduated from The College of New Jersey with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Afterward, he worked for Cisco as a Software Engineer from January 2001 until March 2007 with a team that included “an established MIT professor and well-known MIT cryptography researcher.” During that period, he honed both his technical and business skills.

Furthermore, Christian co-founded the “first-ever lunch delivery business” in the nation. In 2004, Christian and John Jannotti co-founded Foodler, a website that enabled users to locate and purchase food from local vendors over the internet. The Boston-based firm was a huge success, with operations in 48 US states and Vancouver, Canada. The food delivery service was dubbed revolutionary since it accepted bitcoin payments.

With his current venture, the entrepreneur returned to the commercial world in January of 2022. In addition to being the CEO of RealOpen, Christian is also the co-founder of the firm. Information about the firm is not easily accessible. Given Christian’s track record, however, this might help him advance even higher in the engineering market. We’ve got you covered if you want to know how much the Foodler founder is worth.

Christian Richard’s Net Worth

Christian Richard is thought to be worth roughly $20 million, according to public records. In the wake of his success, he and his wife enjoy frequent trips and a lavish lifestyle. Christian acquired a $5 million Hollywood Hills mansion in 2019 for himself and his family. Hugh Hefner’s third wife, model Crystal Hefner, lived in the $7 million mansions until her death in 2017, and the estate was originally appraised at $7 million.

Christine, Christian’s now-wife and agent, was able to get him a great contract. They met while looking for a home and began dating soon after. When asked whether the Hefner mansion reminded her of her ideal home, Christine said it did. There’s a chance that the wealthy, retired engineer’s motivation was bolstered by this fact. That same home now houses him, his wife, and their little kid.

Interesting Facts About Christian Richard

  • His wife’s Instagram account has more than 2.2 million followers. (@thechristinequinn)
  • To yet, no one has taken note of his absence from any kind of social media.
  • Prior to meeting her, he purchased the house that she had envisioned for herself.

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