Cha in Ha Cause of Death
Cha in Ha Cause of Death

Cha in Ha Cause of De@th: K-Pop Industry Mourns Yet Another Tragedy!

The third young performer to pass away in South Korea in the last two months was actor Cha In-ha, who was discovered de@d at his home on Wednesday, according to the police.

According to the police, the 27-year-old’s cause of de@th is still unknown, according to Reuters. According to Reuters, Cha, whose real name was Lee Jae-ho, had his cinematic debut in 2017 and was formerly a part of the K-pop group Surprise U, which produced two albums.

The aspiring actor sent a message on Instagram the day before he passed away advising followers to take care of themselves during the chilly winter.

The statement from Cha’s entertainment agency, Fantagio, expressed “deep mourning for his passing.” It also forbade speculating about what had transpired to him.

The news of Cha’s passing comes shortly after the recent passing of two well-known K-pop idols. Goo Hara, 28, was discovered de@d on November 24 in her home in Seoul, while Sulli, 25, allegedly committed su!cide in October.

Cha in Ha Cause of De@th

Sulli had spoken out about cyberbullying and the criticism she received for her way of life before passing. The sudden de@ths have stirred discussions about the extreme pressure and harassment Korean entertainers endure in the nation.

Although the K-pop industry presents a positive picture on stage and in films, recent claims of sexual assault and a string of apparent su!cides have shaken its foundation.

With viral successes like BTS and Blackpink topping Billboard charts, K-pop has grown globally.

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BTS declared in August that they would take a “period of rest” to “enjoy the ordinary lives of young people in their 20s,” according to a statement from the group’s management organization.

The group has promoted mental health awareness and discussed how the su!cide of megastar Kim Jong-Hyun from the band SHINee in December 2017 affected them.

As soon as word of Cha’s passing spread, followers left condolences under his Instagram photos in a variety of languages. One person wrote, “So sad, breaks my heart.”

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