Btoom Season 2

Btoom Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And New Updates

“Btoom” is a Japanese anime series which is published by Shinchosha and written by Junya Inoue. It contains originally 26 volumes and has been run from 19 June 2009 to 20 March 2018. Its English version was released by Crunchyroll, Amazon and, Hi-Dive. The no of episodes that are present in the first season of this series was 12. You can watch videos related to the first season.

Btoom Season 2 Release date

The official news of the release of Btoom Season 2 has not been released yet. It has been said on various online platforms that the second season is going to launch. The loud noise for its second season was last heard in the year 2018. But if Btoom Season 2 gets released we can expect it at the end of the year 2021 or the start of 2022.

Btoom Season 2 Cast

As we know the release of the second season has not been confirmed yet but we can make guesses about the characters present in Btoom Season 2:

  • Ryōta: The main protagonist of the show, 22-year-old Ryōta is one of the best Btooom! players in the world.
  • Himiko: The main female protagonist of the show, Himiko is a troubled 15-year-old who lands up in the real-life recreation of the game.
  • Nobutaka Oda: While not a main character in the show, 22-year-old Nobutaka Oda is one of the most dangerous Btooom! players in the world and is mysteriously nominated to take part in the real-life recreation of the game.
  • Kiyoshi Taira: A slightly overweight middle-aged man, Kiyoshi Taira is another character who, while not being the main character, is still important to the plot of the show.
  • Kōsuke Kira: Another important supporting character in the show, Kōsuke Kira is a 14-year-old boy who gets nominated to play the real-life recreation of Btooom!
  • Masahito Date: Another middle-aged man who gets chosen to play the real-life recreation of Btooom!

Btoom Season 2 Trailer

Yet it is not confirmed that Btoom Season is released or not a trailer is released on youtube.

Btoom Season 2 Plot

The story is about a boy aged 22 years old whose name is Ryōta Sakamoto who lives with his mother. He is very much interested in the video game Btoom. This is online gaming in the series. 

But his life becomes miserable when he wakes up from sleep on a tropical island after having a loss of memory with a green crystal embedded in his hand. Then he realized that someone has created the real version of the game Btoom.

Then Ryota starts exploring the island. While he was on explore he meets a stranger, calls out for help, but when the stranger responds by throwing a bomb at him, he gets to know that his fears are real and that he has to fight to the death with others if he wants to survive.


This is all about the Btoom season 2 till its newest updates. Before waiting for Btoom Season 2 you should have a watch of its first season. Keep connected and updated from our website as soon as the next updates come. 

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