Boys Planet Episode 1: When, Who's Going to Win, and Where to Watch
Boys Planet Episode 1: When, Who's Going to Win, and Where to Watch

Boys Planet Episode 1: When, Who’s Going to Win, and Where to Watch

After waiting for months, the first episode of Boys Planet is finally here today. Girls Planet 999 is a popular reality show on Mnet. The new season will start with 95 contestants and seven masters and mentors, such as Hwang Minhyun, Lip J, pH-1, Heo Sol Ji, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about when the first episode of Boys Planet will air, who will be in it, and how to watch it.

Mnet is putting on Boys Planet, which follows a string of very successful K-pop reality shows. It features former T01 member Woong Ki, Wang Zi Hao, Kim Ji Woong, and a bunch of up-and-coming K-pop artists who will compete for twelve weeks to make it to the winners’ lineup.

Global Airtime Of Boys Planet Episode 1

Boys Planet episode 1 will air on February 2 at 8pm KST/ 6am ET/ 3am PT/ 4.30pm IST/ 12pm CET/ 11am GMT/ 7pm PHT worldwide.

Fans also got a long preview of episode 1 on YouTube before the main show aired. In it, they could see Wang Zi Hao, Ricky, Ollie, and Brian, among other popular contestants, give their first official stage performance for Boys Planet 999.


Fans will be able to see Wang Zi Hao, Ricky, Ollie, and Brian of Yue Hua Entertainment’s four-star participants sing NCT 127’s “Kick It” as their debut performance on day 1 of Boys Planet, as revealed in the promo for the first episode of Boys Planet.

The next contestant up is Yu Jin, who holds the record for being the youngest contestant to ever take part in the competition. Other contestants applaud him for having the ability to win all of the stars. The next person to appear on screen is Lee Hoe Taek, who is notable for being one of the most senior cast members.

The NCT 127 Kick It choreography performed by the G-group competes against Yu Jin’s K-group, and within the next few hours, fans will find out which group came out on top of the two.

Boys Planet Episode 1 When, Who's Going to Win, and Where to Watch
Boys Planet Episode 1 When, Who’s Going to Win, and Where to Watch

More Releasing Date Announcement:

Popular Contestants

The K-pop fans already has a few of their early favorite contenders picked out, even before the show has begun, based on the introductory trailers, videos, and other content provided by Mnet.

Take a look at all of the fresh faces in K-pop that have quickly become fan favorites based on the results of the poll that can be found below.

  • Wang Zi Hao
  • Kim Ji Woong
  • Kum Jun Hyeon
  • Lee Seung Hwan
  • Ma Jing Xiang
  • Cha Woong Ki
  • Hiroto
  • Chen Yugeng
  • Wumut

Where To Watch

K-pop fans worldwide can watch Boys Planet on Mnet K-pop YouTube channel from 8pm KST/ 6am ET on February 2. Watch the show here.

You can watch the show on Naver TV. International fans can watch all the highlights of Boys Planet on Mnet YouTube with English subtitles.

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