BNA Season 2 Release Date

When Is The BNA Season 2 Release Date? Everything We Know So Far!

Japenese Studio Trigger has created animes that everyone enjoys, such as Little Witch Academia and Brand New Animal, abbreviated as BNA. Studio Trigger developed the Netflix original Brand New Animal. Since its debut, the sitcom has gained enormous popularity due to its wit and narrative.

Anima is a fictional city in Japan that is home to two races: humans and beastmen. Overall, this world is full of crazy people, and everyone adores the cute tiny Tanuki Girl, which adds to the show’s appeal. The first season of the show, consisting of six episodes, launched on Netflix in March 2020. Season one’s second half launched on Netflix in May 2020, with six episodes.

Season one had a 7.2 out of 10 rating on IMDb. Although the ratings were low, the audience enjoyed the show. Since the show’s release, everyone has been wondering when season 2 will be published. Here are all of the things we know about the anime’s upcoming installment:

BNA Season 2 Release Date

Brand New Animal, like any previous anime written and illustrated by Asano, is based on the manga of the same name. The manga originally aired in May of 2020. The first manga volume was published in September of 2022. Season 2 of the BNA has yet to be renewed by either the studios or Netflix.

The creators have yet to issue an official confirmation. However, this does not imply that the anime has been canceled. Though the series has not been officially confirmed fans are continuously asking for BNA season 2. Below you can find some Tweets, fans posted about the BNA Season 2 release date.

The first season of the show was launched a long time ago, and we have yet to hear anything regarding the current renewal updates. The anime’s production studio has been extremely busy with previous adaptations. The Studio is currently working on Delicious in Dungeon and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, both of which will be released in the near future. As a result, with their future plans already in place, there is no room for BNA.

This does not rule out the possibility of the studio picking up BNA in the future, but we will have to wait. In addition, the number of viewers is important. The anime received average ratings across multiple platforms, implying that the show could be renewed for another season.

We can’t expect another season of anime very soon due to the studio’s tight timetable. However, if it is renewed in 2023, we can expect it to be released sometime in 2024 or early 2025.

BNA Season 2 Plot Speculations

Fans often talk about how Season 1 is complete on its own. Shirou went back to normal after the fight, which was pretty much the end of the story arc. Mayor Rose suggested that the sick be cured by using the blood of Nazuna and Michiru. The Nirvasyl disease is fought by their blood.

Michiru found a recording of Shirou talking to a Beastman, which suggested that the recording was sent around the world. In the season finale, the Mayor worked to bring people together.

Season 1 ended one storyline, but there is room for more. Since there is no source material, the writers can make up a story whenever they want. This could mean that there will be a second season of Brand New Animal.

Where Will The BNA Season 2 Be Available To Watch?

Even though we don’t know what will happen next with Brand New Animal, you can still watch Season 1 on Netflix. It was also shown on Fuji TV’s +Ultra in Japan not long after it came out on Netflix. The show could move to other sites to reach more people, but for now, if there is a second season, it looks like it will only be on Netflix.

BNA Season 2 Release Date

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Who Is Making BNA Season 2?

The first season of Brand New Animal was drawn by Studio Trigger. Fans think that the same company will make Season 2 because the animation style is so unique. There is no better studio for BNA season 2 than this one.

Still, the anime business is full of producers and studios that come and go. Attack on Titan is a well-known case. Wit Studio did the first half, but MAPPA took over for the second half. We can’t say anything for sure at this point. But it’s likely that Studio Trigger will keep making the cartoon version.

Conclusion: Studio Trigger’s anime, notably “Brand New Animal” (BNA), fans have been eagerly awaiting a second season. No formal confirmation of a Season 2 renewal exists, but it’s possible. Studio Trigger’s tight schedule and desire to measure viewer engagement have caused confusion. If BNA Season 2 is greenlit, it may not air until 2024 or early 2025. The first season of BNA left an opportunity for a further story, and fans are ready to progress. Netflix has the first season until then.

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