Biden Will Tighten Background Checks For People Who Buy Guns
Biden Will Tighten Background Checks For People Who Buy Guns

Biden Will Tighten Background Checks For People Who Buy Guns

On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden of the United States will make an announcement regarding an executive order that will strengthen background checks for gun buyers. This measure is being promoted by the White House as the most comprehensive policy that the president can enact without the approval of Congress.

Also, the order will increase federal support for red flag laws, which are laws that have been approved by 19 states and the District of Columbia in an effort to prevent the sale of firearms to those who are assessed to be dangerous. It is a continuation of prior executive actions made by the Biden administration with the intention of reducing the amount of gun violence.

A senior administration official told reporters on Monday that other aspects of Biden’s order would ask the Federal Trade Commission to investigate how gun manufacturers market firearms, including to minors, and would encourage the safe storage of guns. Additionally, the order would encourage the safe storage of guns.

According to the White House, Vice President Biden intends to discuss the order on Tuesday, when he will meet with victims of gun violence in Monterey Park, California. On January 21, a gunman opened fire in a dance hall, killing 11 people and injuring nine others. Biden will be in that city on Tuesday.

In a nation where more than 40,000 people are killed each year by firearms, Biden is placing his bets on the likelihood that voters would support stricter gun control measures. Candidates for the Republican candidacy for president in 2024, who might run against Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, will almost certainly support an expansion of existing gun rights, a position that is supported by influential organisations like the National Rifle Association.

Biden Will Tighten Background Checks For People Who Buy Guns
Biden Will Tighten Background Checks For People Who Buy Guns

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The administration of Vice President Joe Biden is citing recent polls that indicate the majority of Americans are in favor of expanding background checks. A poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos the previous year indicated that 84 percent of respondents supported background checks for the sale of all weapons and 70 percent favored red flag regulations. This poll was taken as soon as possible after a shooter opened fire at a school in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 pupils and two teachers.

Some people who support the right to bear arms are opposed to background checks because they believe they violate the constitutional right to carry firearms while doing nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. They further argue that numerous red flag regulations violate citizens’ rights to due process.

According to the senior source, Vice President Biden’s directive also includes a proposal for the federal government to respond to incidents of mass shootings in a coordinated manner, analogous to how the federal government responds to natural disasters. The Vice President has requested that his cabinet devise a federal response that would, for instance, offer trauma counseling or financial support to a community that has been thrown into disarray as a result of a mass shooting.

The White House stated that the primary goal of the executive order would be to increase the number of background checks that are conducted in order to stop domestic abusers and convicted felons from purchasing firearms. This would primarily be accomplished by placing additional pressure on federally licensed gun dealers to comply with the new regulations or by educating other businesses that may not be aware that the law already requires them to conduct background checks.

In 2016, the president put his signature to the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which is widely regarded as the most significant piece of gun control legislation to be passed in the past three decades.

But since then, the Republicans have won control of the House of Representatives, which effectively eliminates any hope of more gun legislation for the next two years, such as the restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that were advocated by Vice President Joe Biden.


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