Berlusconi Wife
Berlusconi Wife

Berlusconi Wife: The Secrets and Successes of His Family Life!

Silvio Berlusconi, a former Italian prime minister, passed away at 86. He presided as Italy’s prime minister in four different governments between 1994 and 1995, 2001 and 2006, and 2008 and 2011. However, his personal life also made news in Italy and other parts of the world.

He was a divisive character involved in various scandals, multiple allegations of corruption, ‘bunga bunga’ parties with plenty of females and narcotics, and a tax fraud conviction. His preference for younger women was evident in his choice of partner, and there were several rumors that he had strayed from his ex-wives.

However, who exactly was Silvio Berlusconi’s previous consorts, to whom was he wed, and how many kids? Here is all the information you need to know about one of Italy’s most illustrious and enduring families.

Silvio Berlusconi Was Married or Not

Although Berlusconi had been symbolically married for just over a year, he was not legally married at the time of his passing. He held a celebration of love with Marta Fascina, a 32-year-old member of parliament for his Forza Italia party in March 2022.

They started dαting in 2020, not long after it was publicized that he had broken up with Francesca Pascale, 34, whom he had been dαting for more than ten years.

Due to a dispute over inheritance between their families, the couple is said to have been unmarried throughout the Milanese ceremony.

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Berlusconi’s children were extremely worried that if their father had wed Fascina, she would have been eligible to inherit his fortune, estimated to be worth more than £5 billion. To the Italian newspapers published by the Daily Mail, Fascina was quite upset over not having a traditional wedding.

Berlusconi had two legitimate marriages. In his twenties, he first fell in love with Carla Elvira Lucia Dall’Oglio. The Italian actress was born in La Spezia, Liguria, Italy, in September 1940, although her family moved to Milan shortly after.

In 1964, she met her future husband, who was four years older than she was. They reportedly met at a bus stop, fell in love immediately, and were engaged. They got hitched in a Milan church in 1965.

Officially, they were wed until 1985, but things started to go south before then, and there were rumors that Berlusconi had cheated on Dall’Oglio. By 1980, Berlusconi had started dαting Veronica Lario, another Italian actress.

In 1990, Miriam Raffaella Bartolini, also known as Lario, wed Silvio Berlusconi. At this point, Berlusconi was a well-known businessman, so his wedding was a major social gathering that drew several prominent people.

Berlusconi Wife

Bettino Craxi, a former prime minister and the head of the Italian Socialist Party, was one of his best guys. When he allegedly told a woman at a party that he would marry her if he weren’t already married in 2007, the marriage began to fall apart in the public eye.

Lario responded by publishing an open letter in La Repubblica, a well-known Italian daily, where she called Berlusconi to provide an official apology.

Berlusconi complied, but the New York Times said that she released a second open letter two years later criticizing her husband for his propensity for spending time with younger women. In 2010, the couple got divorced.

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Did Silvio Berlusconi Have Children?

Berlusconi did indeed have five children. His first two kids were born to him and Dall’Oglio. Marina, sometimes known as Maria Elvira, was born in 1966. The now-56-year-old is an entrepreneur. Pier Silvio, her younger brother, was born in 1969.

He is a media entrepreneur and is currently 54 years old. His connection with Lario gave birth to his subsequent three children. Barbara, a corporate professional born in 1984, is now 38. Following in 1986 were Eleonora, now 36, and Luigi, aged 34.

During a 2016 interview to commemorate his 80th birthday, Berlusconi reportedly discussed the value of family. “What I have come to realise, perhaps the most important thing, is that I will spend more time with my children and my grandchildren. I will dedicate more time to the people that I love and that is the way it should be: five children and ten grandchildren have turned me into a patriarch,” he stated.

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