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Who Is Ben Azelart Dating? Know About His Ex Partner (Updated 2022)!

When Ben Azelart, a renowned YouTuber, started producing videos in 2014, his daring activities and practical pranks quickly gained him fame.

When he dated Lexi Rivera, a social media star, Ben’s YouTube channel had more than 7 million followers and he was often in the news for his personal relationships.

In the time since Lexi, there has been no information about Ben’s recent relationships, whether they are serious or otherwise. ‘ Alternatively, who is Ben Azelart’s current girlfriend? Is he currently seeing anyone? Further down the page, we learn more about Ben’s love life.

Who Is Ben Azelart?

Benjamin Roger Azelart (age 20) is an American YouTube vlogger, skateboarder, content producer, and social media influencer. He was born on January 10, 2002. He is well-known for his videos and collaborations with Brent Rivera.
Along with Brent Rivera and Lexi Rivera, Azelart portrayed the character Billy in the Brat TV series ‘Brobot.’ Azelart portrays a high school football player who is smitten with Lexi’s character Max.

In 2018, Azelart joined Brent Rivera in his AMP Studios studio, with Lexi Hensler and Jeremy Hutchins, and other developers.

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He currently updates once a week on his YouTube channel, which has recently become quite successful, and his material mostly consists of pranks and challenging films.

What Is Ben Azelart’s Fling Called?

A huge breath of relief goes out to all of Ben’s admirers since he seems to be single and unattached right now. They are obvious from what Ben has been posting on his social media profiles that are not romantic in nature.

Despite his public separation from Lexi Rivera, the beautiful skateboarder has looked to embrace the single life. They have established a combined YouTube following of 19.5 million subscribers, making Lexi and her brother Brent social media moguls in their own way.

After filming YouTube videos together, the two began dating in 2018. Brent was the intermediary who introduced Ben and Lexi. In every video they filmed together, their admirers couldn’t get enough of the couple’s scorching connection.

The news that the couple will be splitting up in 2020 shocked and saddened fans alike. “The relationship no longer made [them] happy,” but they still cared for one other as friends, according to a video statement.

In an interview with Dexerto, TikTokers Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart reveal why they split up.

Lexi clarified that dating someone you met online is a whole different experience. ‘It was extremely baffling for us,’ she added. Keeping their fans happy while also making sure they were happy was difficult for them, so they chose to concentrate on themselves instead, as she stated.

Before he started dating Lexi, who shares his first name, Ben was related to another social media sensation called Lexi Hensler.

Fans have highlighted many online discussions between the two as proof that they are in a relationship. They were supposed to be an adorable pair, but Ben and Lexi were merely pals who regularly cooperated.

He was only discovered to be dating Brighton Sharbino in 2018 when the allegations about Ben and Lexi Hensler began to circulate. Brighton has been in a variety of high-profile films and television series in addition to AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Many people speculated about their relationship when she shared a picture of Ben and Brighton holding hands and titled it “Prom with @benazelart.”

However, while Ben and Brighton were still together, they never officially recognized their connection; it was only after their relationship ended that Brighton broached the topic.

I Filled My Sister’s Room With Pictures Of Her Ex-Boyfriend (Ben Azelart) *SHOCKING REACTION*” is Saxon Sharbino’s YouTube prank video.

Brighton promises viewers in the ad “the easiest breakup you could possibly have.” That Ben is an all-around darling who treats his girlfriends and ex-girlfriends with respect makes our hearts swell with happiness.

 About Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera originally rose to prominence as a result of his brother’s YouTube channel. Lexi Rivera is Brent Rivera’s younger sister, and she has appeared in several of his films. On August 21, 2010, Lexi launched her own YouTube account. She now has over 6.12 million subscribers and 975,669,711 total views. Despite her growing fan base, Lexi is often seen teaming with Brent.
Lexi Rivera is a well-known TikTok and YouTuber.
Lexi was born in California on June 7, 2001. Lexi joined YouTube in 2010 but didn’t use it very much, so her brother, Brent, created a channel to promote Lexi’s gymnastic abilities. Brent began to focus on his channel as his fan base expanded faster than Lexi’s. Lexi had a YouTube account called Lexiloulouu, however, it was deactivated in 2012.
She continued to participate in Brent’s videos after that, and she eventually gained notoriety. On her Instagram account, she also got a lot of love. This gave her the courage to relaunch her YouTube account. Her first video was a question-and-answer session based on all of the questions posed by her Instagram followers.
She is well-known for her gymnastic abilities as well as her prank films. Her channel also has beauty and fashion videos, as well as exercise motivation. She’s also a well-known TikTok celebrity, with 15.9 million followers and 342.1 million likes.
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