Becky G Fiance
Becky G Fiance

Becky G Fiance: She Reflects on Unexpected Obstacles in Her Relationship!

In front of a crowd at Coachella, Becky G was frank. The 26-year-old “Arranca” singer appeared to make references to the Sebastian Lletget scandal during her performance on Friday at the well-known music festival.

As she entered her song “MAMIII,” the singer told the audience that “sometimes things don’t go the way you plan.” “I’ll just say that. But sometimes, it’s not rejection. It’s re-direction.”

The singer, whose engagement ring was once more missing from her finger, made the announcement while sporting a glittering knee-high blue dress and matching blue microphone.

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Earlier this month, Becky G appeared at the iHeartRadio Music Awards without her engagement ring just hours after her fiancé apologized to the world on Instagram for suspicions of infidelity.

The FC Dallas midfielder, who proposed to the singer of “Te Quiero Besar” in December, wrote a long apologies post in which he claimed that a “10-minute lapse in judgment” had resulted in an alleged extortion plan in which an Instagram user claimed to have “all the proof” of him cheating on Becky in February.

Becky G Fiance

“Since this person did not get what they wanted, it has now become a public social media spectacle filled with more lies than any truth and false posts aimed at the love of my life, the one person I should never take for granted or put at risk,” Lletget wrote.

“While this anonymous stalker — who I never met, unlike they claimed — had an ultimate goal that was not clear, for me, it has been a wake-up call. The loudest alarm of my life.”

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“To Becky, you have been the light in my life, my strength, who has always shown me unconditional love. Instead of honoring that love every day, I have done the opposite, hurting you, and disrespecting the one person I love more than anything. I am so sorry and know I have to do whatever it takes to earn back the trust and love you deserve,” he continued.

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