Battletech Controversy
Battletech Controversy

Battletech Controversy: Catalyst Games Lab Ousts BattleTech Writer!

According to Catalyst Game Labs, Blaine Pardoe, a longtime fan favourite BattleTech writer, was fired last week. This firing was not a typical one. This tale concerns censorship, cancel culture, and a conservative creative defending his rights.

The best-selling author, who had contributed to BattleTech for over 37 years, claimed at American Greatness that Catalyst Game Labs “cancelled” him in favour of an unnamed online activist who had repeatedly threatened his life because of his conservative views.

My stalker and a tiny group of others once more protested to Catalyst, Topps, and Fanatics when my most recent BattleTech book, No Substitute for Victory, was published by Catalyst in February.

To portray me as an “insurrectionist, a seditionist,” and other outright lies, they extracted various quotes from my social media and used them out of context.

The person who had threatened to kill me was in charge of the defamation campaign. My publisher reportedly received a request from Fanatics to “make this go away.”

The publisher’s response was to let me know that he would no longer be publishing my work. I questioned him about his assurance that the demonstration wasn’t staged by a small group of people using fictitious accounts to spread the word of their cause.

He admitted he hadn’t checked and that it was irrelevant anyhow. Furthermore, it didn’t matter that the quotes were made up or taken out of context.

I took note of the radical, progressive viewpoints expressed by other Catalyst contract authors and artists, which were far more objectionable than anything I had ever posted. My publisher promised to speak with some of them. While the Left finds transgressions everywhere, conservatives often don’t complain.

He told me that my opinions turned off 50% of his clients. I noted that my most recent manuscript had comparable sales and reviews to my earlier books. Then he said that it didn’t matter about sales.

I offered to use a pen name like a few of his other writers. He declined. Then I called attention to the most egregious feature:

“You are literally siding with a person that threatened the life of one of your most productive and popular authors.” Ignoring that, he had promised to inform the fans of his choice to release me. Never did he.

He initially reported their activity in a blog post last summer, laying out the lies, dishonesty, catfishing, defamation, and threats against his life. The stalker he’s referring to goes by the name of Faith McClosky.

A tiny but vocal group of individuals have been making some somewhat derogatory claims about me that are untrue. Faith McClosky was in charge of this movement. You should be aware that Faith McClosky does not exist.

There isn’t a lesbian woman named “Faith” who intends to adopt a child in November. Not a nurse, she. She did not study at a Tennessee college. Her online history is a network of lies intended to trick people. She is not a woman. This is a middle-aged man’s account; from now on, I’ll call him J.

Battletech Controversy

He worked for a big-box store that occupied his grandfather’s home in a small Pennsylvania town. In a Pennsylvania court in 2020, this offender admitted guilty to making harassing statements to intimidate another person. At his previous place of employment, he is forbidden. This information is publicly available.

J has been deceiving the BattleTech community by posing as a young female fan, Faith McClosky and Faith McCarron, for several years. He has most recently used this fake persona to disseminate damaging rumours and false information about me and make grave threats against my life.

This person has been spreading false information about me by personally contacting individuals and posting on numerous online forums and websites for months. Authorities have thoroughly investigated this, and I appreciate the support of his admirers who expressed some of the hate he has inspired me.

I haven’t spoken about these issues because I want law enforcement and my legal team to be able to conduct their jobs. That period has over.

Remember that the person whose posts you have been reading doesn’t exist if you have trusted anything they have stated. He has misrepresented the truth about me to forward his woke agenda of censoring and promoting the cancel culture.

How can you believe anything this individual stated about me if they lied about who they are in a warm and varied fan group like this one?

You should read the entire post; it is stunning but regrettably representative of the “cancel culture” that modern firms frequently kowtow.

Corporations should always let the fans vote with their wallets if a “woke mob” demands that a company cut ties with someone. If his books stopped selling, Catalyst would eventually have to drop him. The market is free.

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As a fellow science fiction author who has faced comparable circumstances and has been a longtime fan of BattleTech fiction, Jon Del Arroz had some insight into the situation.

However, these authoritarian activists would rather discredit someone, attempt to persuade a company to support their political views and expel any employees that the crowd disapproves of. The time has come for Catalyst Game Labs to reap what they have sown.

They have bargained with terrorists by caving down to whiny toddlers who are not fans of their goods. Faith McCloskey might have been a criminal activist pursuing Blaine for some time had the corporation even bothered to conduct a simple investigation of her.

This conservative author wasn’t let go because of his politics, to put it simply. He was let go because the licensing company lacked the resources to defend itself against desperate accusations and fabrications made by adversaries who were not fans of the series or Pardoe’s work.

The firm revealed its hand when it included preferred pronouns in the game, to Romanian entertainment commentator Vee, who addressed the issue on his Lack Of Entertainment channel. Pardoe also demonstrates this, who claims that because of this,

“many fans will no longer see my work in BattleTech simply because the publisher feared online backlash. Meanwhile, his extreme left-wing authors can spew their venom without fear of retribution because conservatives don’t whine, threaten, or complain on Twitter. “

If you want to know more about this game let’s see this tweeter post given below:

Conservatives should assist publishers or businesses who entirely ignore their artistic personnel’s politics to make their financial voices heard.

Publishers that demonize conservatives out of fear appear to have forgotten what they do best. They should concentrate on creating quality material rather than letting the woke community pick their staff.

Caving gives the mob control over the content you create. Disney and Fanatics/Catalyst would do well to take note of this lesson.

He uploaded a portion of the transcript of his conversation with Catalyst’s President on the subject after Catalyst initially claimed that their breakup had nothing to do with “Faith McCloskey” after his American Greatness article. It opens your eyes.

This choice will only harm CGL because, in Pardoe’s words, “corporate knee-jerking to a minority of leftwing woke whiners does alienate fans—conservative fans.” They are also numerous.

There are many more regular conservatives in the neighbourhoods; they don’t use their chosen pronouns or wear badges on their sock puppet accounts. Unfortunately for Pardoe’s admirers, it’s time to stop funding timid businesses that won’t defend the rights of their conservative authors.

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