Art of the Zoo Meaning: Why This is Trending on Tiktok in 2021?

Art of the Zoo Meaning: Why This is Trending on Tiktok in 2021?

A new trend on TikTok is asking people to do something. The meme says that when you are scrolling through your phone, these words will pop into your head. It is a new kind of meme that tells people to Google or study something. A popular term in TikTok at the moment is ‘Art of The Zoo’.

It seems like every day there is a new TikTok freakout. A few weeks ago, it was about vanilla flavoring and beaver butts then came chainsaws on August 27th before the Art of the Zoo hysteria which has people freaking out all over again!

It’s been an eventful last couple of months for popular social media app TikTok with left-field freakouts happening one after another ever since late July when they first caused chaos by declaring that using their product might cause you to get cancer from exposure to styrene in plastics if used as intended or kept too close because this can create benzene gas…followed up quickly by revelations of how easy it would be for someone else top come across your phone while putting them.

People have been posting videos and telling people not to look up art of the zoo. They film their reactions after looking it up.

Their faces are always horrified. And it is interesting. It can be tempting to do that. So what could it be?

Art of the Zoo Meaning: Why This is Trending on Tiktok in 2021?


Art of The Zoo Meaning on TikTok:

It is hard not to look up the information even though other people have said not to. But when someone does it, they will find that the reactions are bad.

So before you do that, let me tell you. There is no other way about this. People can search Google Images for Art of the Zoo and see pictures of people having s*x with animals, like horses or even monkeys! That is called bestiality. Once you know this, it will make sense why Art of the Zoo came about as a phrase.

Luckily, now that people are looking for it, the top search results have been taken up by articles about explanations. You’re welcome.

People are still making themselves, or their loved ones, do disgusting things to get more clout.

According to Urban Dictionary, if you search “Art of the Zoo,” pictures of bestiality will pop up. This means that humans have sexual contact with animals. Almost every living thing on Earth participates in natural events, but humans engaging in it is called “Arts of the Zoo.”

The word “zoo” comes from the Greek word “zoon,” which means animal. Maybe people who did the s*x with animals thought it was funny. So all of the words are connected to each other.


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