The Republican Governor Of Arizona Was Accused Of “Illegal Dumping” Over The Border Wall

According to reports, an Arizona sheriff has accused the Republican governor who is leaving office, Doug Ducey, of “illegal dumping” for an effort to use shipping containers lined with razor wire to plug gaps in the wall along the southern border of the state with Mexico. The wall is located along the state’s boundary with Mexico.

According to a story that was published on Sunday by Phoenix, Santa Cruz County Sheriff David Hathaway stated that he will take action against construction crews if they cross into his jurisdiction. These crews are operating just a few miles away from the county.

According to what Hathaway informed the source, “the location where they’re placing the containers is totally on federal ground, on land that is part of a national forest.” “It is neither state land nor private land, and the federal government has deemed this endeavor to be unlawful,” the speaker stated. In the same way, if I witnessed someone committing a crime on public land inside my counties, such as an attack, a homicide, or the theft of a vehicle, I would file criminal charges against that individual.

At the beginning of this year, Ducey started positioning the shipping containers between the gaps in the southern border wall. He then double-stacked the metal crates to a height of approximately 22 feet and covered them with concertina wire.

The Republican Governor Of Arizona Was Accused Of Illegal Dumping Over The Border Wall
The Republican Governor Of Arizona Was Accused Of Illegal Dumping Over The Border Wall

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In October, the government of Vice President Joe Biden urged Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to cease his efforts, but Arizona stated that it would not relocate the containers until the White House committed to replacing the gaps with a different kind of barrier.

His recent push to keep stacking the crates along the border comes as he prepares to leave the governor’s mansion in January, turning the seat over to Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs. Ducey has dubbed the project his “Border Barrier Mission,” and he has recently pushed to keep stacking the crates along the border (D).

“We are unable to hold out much longer. When Ducey announced the initiative back in August, he described the lack of urgency on border security shown by the Biden administration as a “dereliction of duty.”

Our Border Patrol and law enforcement will be better equipped to execute their duties effectively and prevent drug cartels from exploiting our communities if we provide them with the resources and manpower they need in the appropriate locations. He explained that this would be exactly what our barrier mission would accomplish.

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