Alex Cooper Boyfriend 2023
Alex Cooper Boyfriend 2023

Alex Cooper Boyfriend 2023: The Speculation Continues Cooper’s Alleged Boyfriend Revealed?

The host of the hugely popular podcast Call Her Daddy is Alex Cooper. Following a highly publicized argument with Dave Portnoy, the program departed its previous producer, Barstool Sports, and secured an exclusive $60 million agreement with Spotify.

After Joe Rogan, Cooper is now the second-highest-paid podcaster thanks to the agreement. Cooper is comparable to a contemporary, Carrie Bradshaw because she discusses s*x and relationships as part of her job.

Everyone is curious about Cooper’s romantic history, as one could anticipate from a contemporary Carrie Bradshaw. Cooper has been discussing her secret boyfriend on her show for a time. Who is the unidentified man in Alex Cooper’s life, then?

Alex Cooper Is Secretive About Her Boyfriend’s Identity

Any relationship that gets official or becomes public may encounter difficulties, so it’s crucial to avoid putting too much pressure on it too quickly. Cooper is all too aware that these issues are significantly more significant for people who are well-known.

The following report is similar to the one just presented:

She made news for hooking up with Logan Paul before beginning a relationship with her current partner, Noah Syndergaard, the New York Mets pitcher. It makes sense why Cooper has kept the details of her connection with her most recent partner private.

Cooper and her unidentified companion are known to have started dating sometime in 2020. Cooper finds it challenging to keep her personal love life a secret because she hosts a podcast on s*x and relationships.

She does discuss her lover on Call Her Daddy as a result, but she makes careful to only call him by his codename. Despite never revealing his real name, she calls him “Mr. S*xy Zoom Man.”

Who Is Matt Kaplan?

While you might not be familiar with Matt Kaplan by name, you are most likely aware of some of his work. He has worked as a producer on various movies and television shows, including the successful To All The Guys I’ve Loved Before series.

He was hired to handle AwesomenessTV’s film section and was later recognized as one of Hollywood Reporter’s Up-And-Comers 35 And Under in 2016. Afterward, he established Ace Entertainment, his production firm.

Cooper is currently listed as Kaplan’s spouse on his IMDb page. Fans are left wondering if the couple is genuinely married despite what appears to be clear proof of their relationship.

There has been no official confirmation of their marriage or that “Mr. S*xy Zoom Man” and Matt Kaplan are the same guy. Cooper asserts that she will keep discussing her personal life while concealing the identity of “Mr. S*xy Zoom Man.”

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