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Agri Develop

Real or Fake Agri Develop Earning App? More Information

You may have heard of the AgriDevelop App and website, but those who haven’t should know that it’s a mobile app claiming that you can make a lot of money with it. By investing money, they believe, everyone may make a lot of money.

What is Agri Develop App?

A software called AgriDevelop says that it is a money-making app, where users may earn money by recommending others. Recharging the plan may also help customers make more money. Recharging the app’s balance is possible using Paytm or UPI.

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About Agri Develop App?

  • Agri Develop app domain registered on 19th May 2021
  • Domain bought from NameCheap, Inc.
  • Domain hosting on NameCheap, Inc.
  • Server maintained by
  • Domain registered from  Reykjavik
  • Domain Registrant phone number +354.421243

Points to Pay Attention to

Agri Develop Earning App is a hoax, and it’s time for you to know it. Because I don’t want to give this App a good name by using it any longer. Fraud is a fraud, and false is phony

  1. There is no official website available for this Agri Develop App
  2. There is no owner information available.
  3. No Privacy policy is available
  4. No Disclaimer available
  5. Very lucrative plan as the common trick by fraudulent
  6. Irrelevant tasks to do
  7. No future plan
  8. Simply designed to loot money from investors
  9. No proper detail is available on the internet regarding this app
  10. Agridevelop. cc reviews are very bad on the internet.
  11. Agridevelop. cc is an unauthorized domain.
  12. Domain register just five months back
  13. A recharging plan for earning is a common trick used by fraudsters
  14. Contact details are not available.
  15. They claim that they will give support on WhatsApp and telegram. But identity will be hidden
  16. Many Bad reviews on youtube
  17. No official address is available
  18. No official contact details are available
  19. No, About Us details are available
  20. All the proofs and documents shown are completely fake.
  21. They claim fake GST and Tax deduction
  22. You can check back the fraudulent apps HPZToken, RT Gold App, and New World Apps.
  23. No social media connections are available.
  24. Points of contact are hidden identities.
  25. Domain registrant detail is withheld
  26. Domain registered from Reykjavik city, which is the capital of Iceland
  27. The domain registrant’s email address is withheld
  28. Most of the fraudsters operate from China, Taiwan, Iceland, Hong Kong
  29. IP Address located in southwest Iceland
  30. Most of the time you will get withdrawal problems on these types of fraud apps.

Real or Fake Agri Develop Earning App?

Agri Develop real fake
Agri Develop real fake

Agri Develop is a phony money-making application. The Agri Develop Earning App is a ruse designed to steal your money. It is not a legitimate and legitimate income application. These sorts of fraudulent applications first provide you with a big profit in order to develop confidence, and after they have established a community, they will begin to cause withdrawal problems.

For more information on the fake app, see my earlier posts on App Reviews. I’m baffled as to why individuals continue to put their money into this kind of money-making application.

I never advocate using the app to make money by investing. Make it a practice to search for “App reviews By cooling loss” on Google before investing in any sort of app. This will allow you to get the correct info about the program that you are looking for before making a purchase.

How to Make Money Online Without Investing Any Money

If you want to realize your goals of making additional cash from the comfort of your own home without having to spend any money, go to Earn Money Online on My Blog cooling loss. You will discover the most profitable options for making money with or without investment. Go through all of the information with your partner and start earning.

You may put your faith in my post since I never create articles about money-making scams or fraudulent programs to make money. All of the true and real approaches I’ve talked about on my blog are available.

I truly don’t want to mislead people since they have come to my blog looking for legitimate methods to make money and I don’t want to lead them astray. Every person has hardships in their life. Even I had done so. As a result, I began coaching individuals via the authentic technique.

If you discover that any earning app is a scam or a phony, please comment below or contact my Telegram channel with the information. I’m going to look into it and report back here. As a result, the general public will be aware of this.

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