adriana kuch cause of death
adriana kuch cause of death

Adriana Kuch Death Due to Suicide: New Jersey County Prosecutor Spoke With School Officials

The county prosecutor met with representatives from the New Jersey high school where Adriana Kuch, a high school student, was assaulted in the corridor, tormented, and ultimately committed herself, according to information obtained by Fox News Digital.

The video of the brutal attack, in which Kuch was punched and kicked by other students, was widely shared on social media. Hateful comments were made about the 14-year-old girl until she killed herself on February 3.

Even though the violence left Kuch bloodied and bruised, school officials didn’t call the police. In January 2022, another student was attacked physically in a school hallway, and the whole thing was caught on camera. Again, a lawsuit filed in October says that the police were not called.

If you are curious about current events, we have you covered with our coverage of breaking news:

Because of Kuch’s death, school bullying became a big issue, and students protested outside Central Regional High School. Bradley Billhimer, the prosecutor for Ocean County, told Fox News Digital in an email that he had a two-hour private conversation with student protesters and school officials on Thursday.

He said he met with the superintendent again Friday morning “to discuss ways to improve the district’s response to incidents within the school.”

Billhimer said –

“I also shared some suggestions regarding staff changes as well as programming and services to respond to the needs of the students.”

“I can say that was certainly a topic of discussion.”

“We discussed number of things. I’d like the opportunity to assist the school in implementing some of the suggestions I made, so for now I don’t want to comment any further.”

Four students were charged with a crime for the hallway attack, but their names haven’t been made public because they are too young.

One juvenile is charged with aggravated assault, two juveniles are charged with plotting to commit aggravated assault, and the fourth juvenile is charged with harassment.

The local high school has expelled the four students who participated in the incident.

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