Elon Musk Says This About The “A Lot Of Boos” He Got At The Dave Chappelle Show: “A First In Real Life For Me”

The most recent episode of Dave Chappelle’s comedy program had an unexpected and, to say the least, controversial guest star.

Elon Musk was abruptly summoned on stage by Dave Chappelle during the comedian’s stand-up performance on Sunday in San Francisco. Chappelle referred to Musk as “the richest man in the world” as he welcomed Musk to the stage. A video of Musk’s entrance onto the platform was circulated on social media, and it showed him being loudly booed by the audience. The booing persisted for several minutes, even after Chappelle had started speaking.

Chappelle remarked, “Cheers and boos, I see,” before making a joke on Twitter’s firings by stating, “It sounds like some of the individuals you fired are in the audience.” Chappelle was referring to the recent layoffs at Twitter. Chappelle also made a joke about the audience members who were booing, saying that those people “had awful seats,” and he referred to the boos as the “sound of oncoming civil unrest.”

Musk can be heard on the video saying, “I’m rich, b—-h,” which is a sentence that Chappelle pushed him to use.

Elon Musk Says This About The A Lot Of Boos He Got At The Dave Chappelle Show A First In Real Life For Me
Elon Musk Says This About The A Lot Of Boos He Got At The Dave Chappelle Show A First In Real Life For Me

Musk stated in a tweet on Monday that there were “90 percent cheers” compared to “10 percent boos,” even though the boos could be heard far more clearly in the footage that was recorded from the concert. However, Musk admitted that he was met with “a bunch of booing,” which he described as being a “first for me in real life (common on Twitter).” He went on to say that this gave the impression that he had “offended San Francisco’s crazy leftists.” San Francisco is home to Twitter’s main office and infrastructure.

The contentious appearance took place on the same day that Musk was criticized for campaigning for the prosecution of Dr. Anthony Fauci while making a joke about gender pronouns in a tweet that read, “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.”

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