Our Team

Our Team

Are you wondering that who Journalistpr.com is and how do they deliver the latest news every day? You are at the right place.
Journalistpr.com is a passion project turned profession, full of profound information and the best, trusted source of news about TV Shows, Games, Movies, Latest Celeb Updates, and Tech. journalistpr.com has a team of extremely well-trained brilliant writers and owners.

Journalistpr.com was founded in 2014 by Tom Fiore and Karen Shaw, with the main objective of changing and revolutionising the news industry by increasing the standards of the news to be delivered.

We, at Journalistpr.com, post the latest news every single day and it has never been a day we have gone without fact-checking. We believe in quality and your trust. Not just the site but our world runs on it.

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9040 Town Center Parkway, Sarasota, Florida 34202, US

Email: [email protected]

Our Staff:

Govind Dhiman

Govind Dhiman is a young and passionate entrepreneur who hails from Haryana, India. He founded Journalistpr.com to help journalists in the world of journalism grow their presence and amplify their voice on social media. Govind believes that content marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to establish themselves as authorities in their niche market space by publishing quality content on a consistent basis with an eye towards key metrics like engagement and shares.

In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, listening to music, reading books about successful entrepreneurs and playing sports such as badminton or tennis!

Karen Shaw

Karen Shaw is an editor turned journalist. She has been a writer for more than 10 years and edited for the past 5; she still loves editing but now prefers to work on her own writing projects. Karen’s work has been published in various newspapers, magazines, websites, and books, including Media Bistro’s “Best of Journalism 2017.”

In addition to being Chief Editor at Journalistpr.com, she is a freelance writer who specializes in sustainable living and environmental issues. Her articles have appeared in several publications such as The Huffington Post UK and EcoWatch among others.

Julie Walt

Julie Walt is the News Content Creator of Journalistpr.com, a freelance writer and editor with more than nine years of experience in journalism. She’s also an award-winning journalist who has been published on platforms like The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and many others. Julie specializes in writing about business issues such as entrepreneurship, marketing trends and public relations strategies for businesses that are looking to grow their audience or want to tell their story better through digital media channels.

She graduated from Missouri State University where she studied Journalism and received her degree from the prestigious School of Journalism. In addition, Julie studied at Paris Sorbonne University in France for two semesters during her undergraduate studies where she earned.

Kristen Selter

Kristen Selter is a social media manager and writer with an eye for the latest trends in content. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Kristen knows how to get your voice heard through these channels.

Her work has appeared in publications like Forbes, Huffington Post Canada and Spark Magazine. She loves spreading positivity online and offline – she even volunteers at her church!