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Politics to launch in the UK

We want to take that phrase ‘yes, we can’, and Obama’s inaugural presidential speech as a lantern to shine into dark places and as a standard to live up to, in our personal, professional and public lives.

Reaction to a Corbyn election win

I took these photos on the day that Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader of the Labour Party. The one thing that stood out for me was how contrived his appearance was. Burnham, Cooper et al turned up with their family and friends. Corbyn hid around the corner with his entourage, biding his time to make his arrival.

Labour edging ahead of the conservatives on the final day of the General Election?

The General Election 2019 is increasingly a two horse race on social media with the Conservatives higher paid social media spend going toe-to-toe with the huge personal social media presence of Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn

Last chance to check how to vote tactically in the 2019 General Election

How to vote tactically in the 2019 General Election and make your vote count.

Trump impeachment. The charges are…

The first article revealed by committee chief Jerry Nadler accuses Mr Trump of abuse of power and the second accuses him of obstructing Congress.

Saturday Night Live spoofs Trump at NATO conference

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent candid comments about U.S. President Donald Trump received the Saturday Night Live treatment, with some big-name comedians dropping in to portray Trudeau and other world leaders as cool kids teasing a clueless Trump.

Labour finally ahead in the polls

After a long period of the election campaign where the Conservatives have had an edge on Labour on Twitter and Facebook, the Labour party has now edged ahead in the final days.

Boris Johnson running scared?

The BBC’s Andrew Neil has issued a challenge to Boris Johnson to take part in a sit-down interview with him before next week’s general election.

Trump to be impeached

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House of Representatives will file impeachment charges against US President Donald Trump for alleged abuse of power.