YouTube TV Adds Three More Add-On Channel Options

YouTube TV Adds Three More Add-On Channel Options

Cinedigm stated that three of its most famous channels are presently ready on YouTube as voluntary add-ons. YouTube TV’s across three million subscribers can currently combine these channels to their subscription for $4.99/month respectively.

Here are the three innovative add-on channels:


A one-of-a-sort streaming platform committed to drawing public acclaimed, forming edge documentary movies. 

From portraits to real crime tales, from hard running searches to feel genuine tales, the channel notifies, trains, and initiates audiences to join with a diverse, curated roundup of award-winning documentary movies & TV series. 

Famous names involve Gangster Empire: Rise of the Mob and many more.

Dove Channel

The best reference for close family stuff, highlight movies, and television names proper for all viewers. 

Highlighting drama standards such as Abbot and Costello, youthful adult shows The Saddle Club, and worship idols such as I’m in Love With a Church Girl, the channel has much content for the entire family to experience. 


It offers a distinct variety of movie and TV essentials concentrating on action, terror, fiction, and romance styles. 

With movies highlighting superstars such as Sean Patrick Flannery & Mark Strong, the channel is stuffed with content for pop literature enthusiasts to experience. 

“Digital programming has transformed TV because it has discovered a method to work with clients on their titles,” told Jennifer Soltesz.

“Cinedigm is excited to extend the track of our streaming platforms and launch whole new streaming fans to our supporter channels on YouTube TV. 

We glance ahead to originating further channels to YouTube TV’s of add-on platforms across the following couple of months.”

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