Now You Can Buy The “Pink Sauce” From Tiktok That Went Viral At Wal-Mart

Prepare yourself, because Pink Sauce is coming to a Walmart near you very soon. In June of 2022, Chef Pii’s creation of a condiment that was colored like Pepto-Bismol became popular for the first time on TIkTok, raking up views and comments from people all around the world. After a few months, the designer of the sauce formed a partnership with Dave’s Gourmet in order to introduce her pink product to “the commercial market.”

Walmart will be the sole retailer of Pink Sauce products until July 2023, according to an announcement made by the firm on January 11 and published in a press release. Beginning in the middle of January, the item can be purchased in over 4,300 different retailers as well as on the internet.

Dave’s Gourmet claims that in addition to the traditional form of the sauce, customers will now be able to purchase vegan and gluten-free variants of the product. After the news broke, Chef Pii, a popular social media influencer and private chef located in Miami, posted a video to her Instagram account showing her purchasing a bottle of her product from a Walmart location.

The first time that Chef Pii displayed her pink sauce was in a TikTok video that she posted on June 11, 2022. In the video, she was seen dipping a chicken tender into a dish that was filled with the fuchsia-colored sauce. People were immediately curious about what it was composed of and how it tasted, which led to its rapid spread around the internet.

In another video, she discussed the components that go into her dish, which are honey, chili, garlic, and dragon fruit in addition to sunflower seed oil (what makes it pink). Concerns about the quality of the meals were voiced as the movement garnered greater attention.

Now You Can Buy The Pink Sauce From Tiktok That Went Viral At Wal-Mart
Now You Can Buy The Pink Sauce From Tiktok That Went Viral At Wal-Mart

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In July, Chef Pii explained to why the sauce’s color kept shifting and stated that she was well aware of the issues that had been raised. She also stated that manufacturing had been halted. “We changed the color due to the audience’s perspective, because they were complaining that the pink was too bright,” Chef Pii said. “So then we made it a little lighter. Everything that they’re judging, those are all prototypes.”

She continued by saying, “The health of (our customers) is our number one priority.” Earning their confidence and putting a smile on their face is our top goal. And making sure that the pink sauce is served in the correct manner is our number one responsibility. had contacted the Food and Drug Administration at the time in order to determine whether or not the sauce was currently undergoing the process of product registration. In spite of the fact that a spokesman neither confirmed nor denied the rumor, it was mentioned that in general, food manufacturers are expected to adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices in order to assist in ensuring the safety of food.

As is always the case, it is a manufacturer’s continuing responsibility to ensure that foods marketed are safe, wholesome and in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements,” the spokesperson said, adding that it “takes seriously reports of illnesses or injury that appear likely to have been caused by an FDA-regulated product.”

Following the establishment of the partnership between Chef Pii and Dave’s Gourmet in August of the previous year, the latter mentioned that they would assist the former in bringing the product to a commercial size “while adhering to the necessary food safety production rules.”

In the most current press release that Dave’s Gourmet has issued, in which they announce the news about Walmart, they write that “The sauce is prepared in accordance with FDA criteria in an SQF-certified facility and is shelf-stable.

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