Yolanda Adams Height

Yolanda Adams Height: A Closer Look At Her Family, And Journey!

Yolanda Adams is a celebrated gospel artist renowned for her emotionally stirring music and captivating life story. With her birthdate as August 27, 1961, she has left an indelible mark on the realm of evangelical music.

This article delves into Information about Yolanda Adams Height her family history, educational experience, and extraordinary career that has made her a gospel music legend.

Yolanda Adams Height And Other Physical Stats

Born on August 27, 1961, she’s aged gracefully at 61. Standing tall at 185 cm (or 6’1″ in imperial units), she keeps her physique in check, weighing a balanced 63 kilograms or 139 pounds. Her careful self-maintenance extends to her figure, with measurements like 35 inches for her bust, a 24-inch waist, and 34-inch hips.

Beyond her statuesque appearance, she possesses a striking countenance reminiscent of a doll, accentuated by her dark, enchanting eyes and blonde locks. In terms of attire, she comfortably fits into a 40B bra size and dons a size 10 (US) shoe.

Yolanda Adams Height

Yolanda Adams Family And Education

Yolanda hails from the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, in the United States, embodying the rich tapestry of Afro-American heritage. She is the cherished offspring of Carolyn Jean Adams (her mother) and Major Adams (her father), celebrated for her beauty and kindness.

While her family background remains mostly private, she did not publicly disclose details about her siblings. In her educational pursuits, Yolanda attended Sterling High School, proudly graduating in 1979. Furthering her academic journey, she earned admission to Texas Southern University, diligently working towards completing her college degree.

Yolanda Adams Career

Yolanda Adams embarked on her professional journey with a part-time role as a model and a school teacher in her hometown of Houston shortly after high school. These early endeavors marked her initial foray into the world of careers. Eventually, she transitioned from teaching to embracing her true passion, dedicating herself full-time to her role as a lead singer.

Later, as the lead singer for Houston’s Southeast Inspirational Choir, she was able to get the attention of Thomas Whitfield and Sound of Gospel Records. Aside from that, in 1982, the choir put out a song called “For My Liberty” with her as the featured singer. Also, in 1986, she appeared in a music video called “Give Us Peace.”

Adams also made a deal with Sound of Gospel, which helped her put out her first record, Just As I Am, in 1987. In 1990, Yolanda Adams received a pivotal opportunity when she was discovered and nurtured by Ben Tankard, who invited her to join his private label, Tribute Records.

Throughout her illustrious career, Yolanda graced various music videos, leaving her mark in productions like “More Than a Melody,” “The Battle Is the Lord’s,” “Songs from the Heart,” and “Gotta Have Love,” among several others. As her journey progressed, she released a heartwarming Christmas record in 2000 and a captivating live album titled “The Experience” in 2001.

 A Twitter user shared the cover poster of the album Gotta Have Love.

She has also lent her lovely voice to the song “I Believe” from the 2003 movie Honey. She also helped the careers of independent singers by serving as a judge for the 2nd annual Independent Music Awards.

In addition, her first book, Points of Power, came out in 2010. She is also a very important part of her show, The Yolanda Adams Morning Show, which she hosts.

Yolanda Adams Height

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Yolanda Adams’s Personal Life

Yolanda got married to Troy Mason in 1987. In her personal life, some significant events unfolded. However, a chapter in her marriage came to an end in 1990 due to some challenges that led to hurt on both sides. Subsequently, in 1997, she entered into a new marriage with Tim Crawford, a former NFL player, marking a fresh start in her journey.

In August 2004, after being together for seven years, the pair got a divorce. Also, in 2001, the couple was blessed with a daughter, Taylor Adams Crawford. At the moment, she is happy and living on her own.

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